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  1. Pretty glad I am not in the Adv Bass class, I predict a "score war" this week hahaha Scores are already looking good and the 100% that @genodadass has got won't be the last. Should be fun
  2. oh and just for a bit of a laugh i had a go at the MC rhythm..... might need more than just a weeks work...... I think i'll stick with the other toons
  3. @@Brutus Erectus I have enough trouble with the easy songs let alone all that technical tomfoolery, hahahaha .......... maybe one day ill be able to do all that speedy-riff-type stuff........ but until then here is my Monday night efforts..... Stevie, slight improvement on lead slight improvement on Rhythm......... and lastly, just to get the Intermediate Rhythm ball rolling, the Brilliant Green hurt my poor wrist on this one.......
  4. loving the Stevie wonder classic....... thanks Missis sumner i just had to have a go at all three guitars, and surprised myself at the scores...... lead was the hardest me thinks...... Rhythm was easiest......... and bass was most fun....
  5. thanks @@Rodman but this didn't work, i have sent a PM to the Author
  6. I can't convert Superstition ....... any ideas ?
  7. @@Vodka you got 98.20 I only got 98.15, u win but a new week is starting
  8. i haven't won @Vodca you win this week fair and square, i just tried most of the day trying to beat your score but i can't. i admit defeat and decline with honour while i can. well done mate, nice Video by the way, reminds me of my first race at Cadwell park...... ended up in the hospital hahahahah
  9. hmmm looks like i have little time.......this is best so far........ not quite meeting @@Vodka just yet.........
  10. Early finish at work gave me the opportunity to try out my latest plan for improvement. 1, You must not go out for a beer until you beat your best score. Sorted :beer: 2, You do not deserve more than one beer if you do not beat 98%, Hmmmm, near enough :beer: :beer: 3, You can drink your head off if you beat the latest top score i.e. @@Vodka 4, If you nearly beat it it is good enough as technically you beat rule 2 and tomorrow is another day. *note to myself........review your rules.* :rolleyes:
  11. Oh and lead is much the bloody same, recognition mainly on this one, i think My Mac and Rocksmith have got together just to piss me off :angry: I haven't played this tune as many times as it says, most of them are trying to get the big red string (used to be E) to register a hit then the dreaded 3 XXX's appear. new strings may help, might change then tomorrow. night night
  12. I,m having trouble as well @@Vodka but more trouble than you it seems....... it all goes a bit tits up when i get to the 9-10 blue hammer bit and never really recovers......(I think it is because my swearing puts me off) I am happy up until then, nice streak, nice multiplier but score is shit compared to my best. still a couple of days left thought hahahaha
  13. @ one day i am going to be able to play like that......but i'm running out of days hahahahaha
  14. here is tonights little improvements and a small try on the Adv Bass....... but it was like playing with shoe laces for strings and Rocksmith recognition thought the same, just would not accept that the big red string was actually a string... anyway. I usually say that i didn't hit most of these notes but this time I hit a lot bloody more than it says :( then on to Truckfighters lead.........proud of this one as there was lots of leady type one string bits in it and i'm shit at those but still managed to better my score, and confident enough to face the big red crosses in score attack tom
  15. Here's my Sunday afternoon hangover scores, hope to get better during the week, not liking the song much but enjoy playing it if that makes any sense...... :unsure: Not liking the floppy strings on the bass much but not a bad score considering........ :beer:
  16. nearly forgot to post yesterdays slight improvements....... got no chance to get any better as i had the Granddaughter last night and is still here causing as much havoc as a 10 month old can, and no sign of here leaving any time soon :wub: Rhythm..... Lead...... looking forward to the next challenge, Cheers
  17. I think @@Gamut should write a tune, chart it, produce a backing track then we can all send a video in each of our performance, Bass, Rhythm and Lead 'Rocksmith CS Band', then get it mixed,produced, sent out on the inter web. Before you know it we will have MTV around our houses to film our Cribs & pimped up rides hahaha Can't wait Well done Wales btw
  18. @@NoonyDeloony I have been revisiting a lot of songs as well and I cant believe the amount of progress I have made since I have been in the CS Every song I tried I beet my PB...... even songs I had played 50 odd times. (especially bass) This Championship must be helping, as playing even feels easier.
  19. Well after studying the AKB48 video to get some tips I realised that there was no guitars there, this obviously took many views to realise this fact and then I started thinking,,,,,,,,,,, after settling the young ladies down in bed for the night, how long would it take to make them all a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich in the morning ? How long would i have to wait for the shower ? anyway another attempt on SA......... another improvement on the Bass....... and finally just because i thought why should @@Vodka and the beginners have all the fun, i had a go at the Yellowcard Bass
  20. I hope I'm not the only one who is finding this weeks Intermediate song a little bit on the hard side, anyway i managed to get a run on the Rhythm after a little RR and look....... no Orange bits hahahaha
  21. i think the songs are bloody hard, well for me anyway, after intense RR on Lead -AKB I managed to get a score without the bars turning Orange, so proud The bass was a lot easier, a lot of note but a lot easier that the lead, and if my bass registered any notes below the 12th fret i would have got a higher score. unlucky Ireland
  22. the C#7sus4 Chord is the least of my worries hahahahah going to be a long week ......... aint going to be no 100% for me this week -_-
  23. I have travelled a lot to The Far East probably more that 30 times alone for work, if I get caught watching the heavy rotation video..... I am toast
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