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  1. Can't seem to work our how to slide up from an open note. This just gives me a "?" symbol underneath the slide. Any tips please?
  2. Thanks mate. It appears to have worked fine.
  3. @SmellyOrc Thanks SmellyOrc. I'll give that a shot.
  4. Hey thanks for helping. Gee I've confused the crap out of myself. I don't churn out the CDLC too often so every time I create it's like I have to refresh my memory on how to do it. Anyway, I got myself into trouble this time around using Ultrastar Creator to create lyrics. Usually I start that program and it asks to import the .mp3 from the EoF folder. In the past whatever audio I had imported had the leading silence. I THINK I've just figured out that I have to import the .ogg file, not the .mp3 file ...... This time around I imported the .mp3 (original) by mistake, the vocals were
  5. @raynebc Thanks for that. I found 1.8 RC 10 (1337) on http://ignition.customsforge.com/eof. The hyperlink in the first post was downloading 1.71-Win32b but it looks like that's fixed now. It's now working again and I can open my CDLC again. Phew :) About the Leading Silence ..... I had already worked out that I needed to recode it to get it to work and it seemed to work okay. But now when I open EoF the green line (The counter? I don't know what it's called...) starts at the 3 second mark and not right at the beginning where it should at the start of the silence. The silence is t
  6. I'm having some major issues with EoF tonight. I just spent a couple days manually charting a CDLC and I was having problems with the Leading Silence while using EOF v1.8RC10 (r1382). Without thinking I upgraded EoF to r1409 and after doing so it wouldn't load my CDLC at all. After stuffing around with it for ages I decided to do a fresh install using your guide on page 1. Then some weird stuff started to happen. Firstly, when I install and load the basic eof-1.71-win32b it gives me this error even though I'm on a Windows 7 PC: http://i.imgur.com/WfIh2jf.jpg?1 Then when I try to app
  7. How does one get the Donator tag. I chipped in a month or so ago! :)
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