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  1. Hell of a song. Sounds like they're going for an Ozzy/Alice Cooper sound that I am way down with. Not that I'd be any other way. They're my favorite band but this new song, in particular, is great! Cardinal Copius has some DANCE MOVES!
  2. Anyone else have this problem? I go through bass strings like crazy playing Rocksmith. Tuning up and down so wildly seems to work the smaller strings over the peg so often that they eventually snap at the peg. For a while I would tune to a particular tuning and play only those songs but sooner or later I get bored and start tuning down for metal and then back up for rock and pretty soon I'm buying another set of strings.
  3. Big fan of Gibsons here. I have an '83 Les Paul (that badly needs new frets set) that mostly sits in its case under my bed. Dream one day of owning an SG, an Explorer, and a Flying V. HUGE Flying V fan but I gotta have a real Gibson V (I'd settle for a Jackson Rhoads). I also love the Gibson RD (it's what the Ghost guitarists play) but I don't think you can get them for under $2500. My Iceman (below) is about as close to an RD as I'll ever get. However, I somehow became brand loyal to Ibanez at some point. My main guitar is a HEAVILY customized Iceman. Bigsby roller bridge, DiMarzio pickups, killswitch. The tuning machines are even custom. It's nuts. It cost me practically nothing. The bridge alone costs about what I paid for the whole guitar. It's awesome. Plays like crazy. I also have an Ibanez acoustic for when I don't feel like plugging in. I'm primarily a bass player, though. I play an Ibanez BTB. It's a Mark 1 from forever ago. I don't think they make this thing in a 4-string anymore and it came with the stock Ibanez pickups. I guess the later models shipped with Bartolini pickups. If I can scrape the cash together for a set of those bars, I'd like to replace my pickups with Bartolinis.
  4. I have these on my BTB. I try to stay out of E std as I've snapped the G string twice with these things when tuning up to E. If I'm not playing Rocksmith, I tend to keep them tuned to C std and jam on stony/doomy riffs. I also have DDTs on a Fernandes Native X and my Les Paul but I keep those tuned to C as well and really never take them out of it.
  5. Good to know. I have DR downtuners on my Les Paul. They're really intended for that kind of thing but I don't use it to play the game much. I mostly play with my Iceman but it's strung for rock. Suppose I could put DDTs on that, too.
  6. So I'm looking through the list and think to myself, "Self! You really ought to look up Devin Townsend." And I do. What I find are songs in wack low tunings like Open B and shit. At what point on a 6-string guitar or 4-string bass does that become a hindrance and require you to spring for 7/5-string guitars and basses? Does Rocksmith even support those instruments?
  7. Anyone experience this ever? Say I have 10 songs by Ghost. I start up Rocksmith and only 6 of them are in the list. I shut it down and restart. This time I have 5 Ghost songs in the list but among those 5 were songs that weren't in the list the time I started it up and there were 6. Follow me? When I first set up Rocksmith for cdlc I thought that it wasn't working because I downloaded one song to test and no matter how many times I started it up, the song wasn't in the list. Then I downloaded a second song and it WAS in the list and played fine. The last time I started Rocksmith, the second song wasn't in the list but the one that I downloaded first and could never get to show up suddenly was. It's weird man. Any advice?
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