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  1. Happy Birthday Szur!

  2. Happy Birthday Szur!

  3. Happy Birthday Szur!

  4. Happy Birthday Szur!

  5. Happy Birthday Szur!

  6. i had to drink this Saturday so couple of shots goes for Customforge community, couple for staff and last one for day one donators :mrgreen:
  7. I'am generally against approved but when you must keep it in one list. i remember it was annoying two list and discussion about what someone like what someone don't (and approved sometimes shouldn't be one because they doesn't work).... wen you don't like suggest but don't make problem about it. I for example like drop D everywhere (my guitar don't) but when it's doubt it's only creator decision. So i think we shouldn't make so much mess about it :-P
  8. How to play more ...

  9. Very very cool my mario start to party here :-P
  10. about wide i agree with Hesher little to wide i must move head while reading :-P
  11. dark&colorful maybe different color for different sections and rest dark or bright for contrast
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