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  1. Bro you are a legend!

  2. May 12 - 2017 - Updated the list with every K-On! custom in the forum. Let me know if I missed any.
  3. Why? Well... because... why not? Ok, I'm willing to to this, but I have a VERY limited time, and can only work on customs by the weekends, so... I'm creating this topic so all K-On fans, or j-rock fans in general can work together and make it easier. I'm going to leave here a link to a post from the Animesuki forums, containing tabs for all (i think) HTT songs. Trust me, there's a lot there. You can also download all of them in a zipped collection. Lets try to make it really well done, containing all possible instruments, lyrics, Riff Repeater, custom tones, i don't think Dynamic Difficult is really needed, since you can slow down in RR and learn that way, but if you want to add that, it's your choice. If you do make a custom, PM me so i can add it to this topic. Find the tabs here! SKY HIGH! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ August 22 - Added "NO, Thank You!" and "Fude Pen ~Ball Pen~" to the list. August 24 - Added "Tenshi ni Fureta Yo!" to the list. September 27 - Added "Pure Pure Heart", "Listen!!" and "Sweet Bitter Beauty Song" to the list. October 4 - Added "Fuyu no Hi" and "Tsubasa wo Kudasai" to the list. May 12 - 2017 - Updated the list with every K-On! custom in the forum. Let me know if I missed any. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ K-On! K-ON! Gekichuka Mini Album Houkago Tea Time http://i.imgur.com/dLviuuM.jpg?1 Curry Nochi Rice Watashi no Koi wa Hotch Kiss Fude Pen ~Ball Pen~ ​Fuwa Fuwa Time K-ON! OP Single - Cagayake! GIRLS http://i.imgur.com/oSQexWg.jpg?1 Cagayake! GIRLS Happy! Sorry!! K-On! Insert Song Single - Fuwa Fuwa Time http://i.imgur.com/m5DA2ej.jpg ​Fuwa Fuwa Time Tsubasa wo Kudasai K-ON! ED Single - Don't say 'lazy' http://imgur.com/rHcb39g.jpg Don't say 'lazy Sweet Bitter Beauty Song K-ON! Character Image Song Series http://i.imgur.com/teCHWjE.jpg?1 Let's Go (Band Mix) K-On!! K-ON!! OP Single - GO! GO! MANIAC http://i.imgur.com/c1x3XOE.jpg?1 GO! GO! MANIAC Genius...! K-ON!! OP2 Single - Utauyo!! MIRACLE http://i.imgur.com/o0bJpCy.jpg?1 Utauyo!! MIRACLE Kira Kira Days K-ON!! ED Single - Listen!! http://i.imgur.com/bxBIwiW.jpg?1 Listen!! Our MAGIC K-ON!! ED2 Single - NO, Thank You! http://i.imgur.com/pVquzuh.jpg?1 NO, Thank You! Girls in Wonderland K-ON!! Insert Song Single - Gohan wa Okazu http://i.imgur.com/JadzGXy.jpg?1?5944 Gohan wa Okazu U&I K-ON!! Houkago Tea Time II http://i.imgur.com/gA4BEMM.jpg?1?8258 Ichigo Parfait ga Tomara nai Pure Pure Heart Honey sweet tea time Samidare 20 Love Gohan wa Okazu Tokimeki sugar Fuyu no Hi U&I Tenshi ni Fureta yo! Interlude Houkago Tea Time K-ON!! Character Image Songs http://i.imgur.com/4hd4wjR.jpg?1 Come with Me!! (8 Member Mix) K-On!! Movie K-ON! Movie OP Single - Unmei wa Endless! http://i.imgur.com/7sLlzEo.png Unmei wa Endless! Ichiban Ippai K-ON!! Movie ED Single - Singing! http://i.imgur.com/2iE7GKO.jpg?1?9494 Singing! Ohayou, Mata Ashita K-ON! Movie Album - Houkago Tea Time in MOVIE CD2 http://i.imgur.com/nO0GxBE.png?1 Hikari
  4. Yep, everything seems to be in order, the names are correct, the times and the quantity are also allright. But, I tried to clear all events and create the phrases and sections again, but just got worst, it wen't from jumping only 1, to 3 or 4 at the same time. Maybe i'ts the way I'm creating it? I'm clicking on the beat, pressing Shift+S, and choosing the name, also, the "Also add as RS phrase" box is marked. Oh well...
  5. There's two that aren't in main beats, but they aren't the problematic ones. I'll put them in main beats to see if it changes.
  6. Soo... could you have a look for me? I can send you the eof project and the .psarc. I'ts a small one, only one track.
  7. I created phrases and sections in EOF, when I test it in Rocksmith, some of the sections I created can't be selected. What I mean is: Let's say we have sections [1] [2] and [3], when I'm in riff repeater, it won't go from [1] to [2], instead, it goes [1] to [3], ignoring [2]. Why [2] can't be selected? Thank you.
  8. I think it would be Save Me from Avenged Sevenfold, or Free Bird from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Love these songs!
  9. I love video games! I want to work on that so, this should be a must. A game that i will always love is Crash Bandicoot, the first three from PS1, oh man it was fun to play that on my 14" TV, sitting in the floor. Now i play Battlefield 4, BF3 on PS3 with some friends, Rocksmith, and sometimes i get back to Skyrim, if there's a new mod. I think my favorite franchise would have to be Half-Life, i played all of them, one after the other, when i was 12 (i'm 17 now). I remember watching the first episode of Freeman's Mind (ww.youtube.com/watch?v=7J80KD4BG7M) and watching all of them, till i got interested enough and downloaded the game, and i still remember my "frustation" when i got in game and didn't hear that crazy voice speaking, i really tought that was part of the game. Oh well, i just hope i get to play Half-Life 3 before i die. XD
  10. I'll take that we're talking about slides and ask, how do i make that "fade out" slide in EOF? If you get what i mean. Thank you.
  11. When i save there's only Rocksmith 2012 files, no RS2, no "showlights" files aswell. Am i doing something wrong? Using r1298. Thank you.
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