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  1. A bunch of dead links under User - Sinomod
  2. I don't want to seem overly paranoid, but are there any concerns that his patch will interfere with CDLC?
  3. While I agree with almost everything you said, I would respectfully disagree that CDLC does not help extend the life of the game. RS has done a fine job providing a fairly wide variety of artists and songs in their DLC offerings but there are obviously a lot of songs and artists who may never agree to the use of their music, along with a multitude of songs and artist that may never be selected for inclusion. CDLC helps fill in those gaps and keep the game "alive" for the fans of those songs and artists. Just my two cents.
  4. I found the one song, i repeat one song, that was causing my whole issue. It was The Good Life by Three Days Grace that according to my file I downloaded in December 2014. It took me all evening to find it but I finally did. I also noticed that that particular song is not available on CustomsForge. Just FYI i guess.
  5. I am still investigating but it appears at this time that a CDLC has caused an issue with me getting an ODLC song to appear in the game. I removed all CDLC and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous appeared in the game. I have never had this problem before and I am going to continue to look at the issue and see if I can determine with CDLC is actually causing the problem.
  6. Thanks I will give these a try this afternoon. Thanks for the input.
  7. Did you reboot your PC? I've had official DLC that wouldn't show up in the game until after a reboot. If that doesn't work, have you tried removing all of your CDLC to see if it's just a conflict with another song? I have rebooted several times. This afternoon, I am going to remove all CDLC and see what happens. The weird thing for me is that all the other songs worked fine. However I did have a CDLC version of Lifestyles but I removed it prior to my purchase. Thanks for the input.
  8. Steam considers it installed and I have run the verification several times and the song still does not show in the game. Thanks for the input.
  9. I purchased the Good Charlotte song pack this week but Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, the only song I really cared about, did not download properly and does not show in the game. I contacted UbiSoft support and they have been unable to provide a solution. Late last night I received message from Dan Amrich which indicated that if I am using CDLC then I have unauthorized files in RS2014 and am asking for support that because of the "modifications" I have chosen to use they may be unable to provide support for something I paid them for. I don't know if this is something that others in the community have run into before but I just want to let everyone know that UbiSoft may deny support if CDLC are present in your files.
  10. When I go to the CDLC page there are no songs listed there just a blank blue screen. I cleared cache and flushed DNS but it did not help.
  11. it turns out ubi support was wrong RS is compatible. the information that they have on their site about the ini file is not totally correct and I had to make a couple of different changes to get the sound to work. sounds okay right now, but it has done that to me before so I will see if it lasts.
  12. Now I am really pissed. @@rocksmithgame on Twitter came back and said that it works fine for them. If anyone else is having problems with RS 2014 on Win10 please let me know because I want to let them know that I am not the only one with issues.
  13. I have a new computer with Windows 10 pre installed and I have been having horrible sound issues with it, crackling in the speakers or distortion in guitar and I have lost any custom tones that come with the DLC or CDLC. I talked to both Windows Support and UbiSoft Support and found out that at this time Win 10 is likely not compatible with RS 2014. I have sent messages to RS on both Facebook and Twitter but they have not responded. I am pretty pissed about this because I bought the new computer for better graphics and sound and now I cannot even use RS on it. BTW, I have tried manipulating the .ini file but it has not helped.
  14. Thanks to everyone with these suggestions. I rolled back a windows update and things worked perfectly until I shut down RS and went back into it. Some slight crackling returned then. Windows 10 seems to be a complete disaster to the sound components used by RS.
  15. I have been playing RS for several years with no audio problems. I recently purchased a new computer with Windows 10. I have played on this system for about a month and suddenly a couple of days ago I started to experience severe crackling and distortion in my speakers. It does not occur outside of RS and it is not related to the Real Tone cord. It even occurs during the intro music. I have tried several adjustments to both my computer and to RS but nothing has helped. I am desperate and I hope that someone in the community can offer assistance. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  16. Thanks for all the replies. I have Ccleaner and probably have not used it in awhile so I will give that a try. Thanks again!
  17. My CPU has begun (again) to overheat when I am playing RS. I have had this problem before, but I think it was before the Crashers and Jammers were discovered but I cannot remember exactly when it was occurring previously. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem and if you have determined what is causing it.
  18. I can't agree more. It's easy to loose sight of the last 5-10 cDLC downloaded, you play 2-3, and then, some weeks later you stumble upon the forgotten. It shouldn't be possible to thank, unless you have played it once. But who can resist first enthusiasm? But why are so many charters ignoring important corrections? Some seem to be in a kind of altered state, where releasing more becomes obsessionnal. I overcame this addiction. B) They don't like to spoil time with past releases. More seriously, I think they forget to follow their own release, they don't get the messages. I would recommend the site administrators to add an "autofollow" for each Charter to his submitted cDLC. I completely agree with the comment about the "thank yous". I see alot of that but then find issues with the CDLC and no one has gone back and commented on these. Thank yous are a vital part of this community but actually playing the CDLC and providing feedback should be at the core of the community.
  19. I don't know if this is related to the issue that I brought up about numerous version of the same song by the same charter but it might help explain why there is a "new" version of some songs almost daily.
  20. @@firekorn, I am definitely not suggesting that charters limit their releases. I understand the need for them and am definitely disturbed by the CDLC that are incomplete and left that way. My initial question was why there are some CDLC that are being released and update multiple times, often within days of the initial release. It is not that I don't want to provide feed back, and I usually do if I have something constructive to provide. But I don't necessarily want to be a gueina pig for CDLC that is just being posted just to get something out there. That is why I talked about Approved vs WIP. I also understand there is a desire not to have an official Approved section and maybe that was the wrong words to use but knowing when a CDLC is "complete" versus in "shell" form would definitely be beneficial. I have stated in posts here and on Smithys, that I appreciate the work done by charters because I do not have the skill to create CDLC myself. My post was a question of quality control and not intend to piss anyone off.
  21. And LaceyB I find people like you who want to call other people's point of view whining or bitching to be offensive. In this type of environment there are bound to be differing opinions of a lot of subjects like quality control of CDLC and being offensive and attempting to narrow the breadth of those opinions is not constructive. It is this type of reaction that has kept me from posting to this forum in the past and undoubtedly will in the future.
  22. Firekorn, I make very few comments on this forum and I don't appreciate it when I do that it is called Bitchin. And as I said earlier, one or two or even three are not the issue I am talking about. So if it is your custom just to jump on people who make comments that you disagree with then I think that is just as risky as it could drive away people who donate and help keep the site going just as much as the charters.
  23. Wepeel, it is not about needing to delete versions but rather needing to download 5, 6, 7 versions of the same song by the same charter. As far as being a new charter that should be even more reason to take your time before putting songs out. I think that is a perfect example of why there needs to be separate WIP and Approved sections. I also understand that there could still be times when Approved songs might need some updating but it would definitely be better than having to download a song multiple times.
  24. While I understand, and appreciate, the need for changes as feedback comes in, I do think that multiple versions are hard to keep track of. I had multiple version of the same songs in my DLC file because of the frequent updates and I have decided that for me personally I will no longer download those songs.
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