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  1. I'm also left-handed, and I also learned to play right-handed because it's easier to find a guitar. I do have some problems with the picking hand, it's really hard to switch the angle of the hand to perform upstrokes, sometimes I hit strings out of the range of the chord. it may be that I just suck at playing though. I recently found out that fingerstyle feels much better to play. from time to time I also have these ideas about trying to play it left-handed, but it never worked for me. it feels really awkward trying to form chord shapes with my right hand, my right hand is really stiff. I actually wonder how right-handed people do this with their left hands. good luck with your endeavour
  2. @@HoBoTheGreat thanks @@DakenAkihiro7 I just uploaded save the population, enjoy @@paniteitons I aways add bass when I can, but I'm not a bass player so it depends of the gpro tab I'm using having accurate and synced bass tab. I got a lot of requests for 'before the beginning' so I'll probably try to do that when I have more time. @@NakedBryan yes, I found a lot of tabs for it, I'll add it in the next pack of songs.
  3. well, comparing the broken arrangement with the new one, the only visible difference is that the broken one have some misplaced bend tech notes that were imported from the gpro here's the broken xml and a ddc log: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jfxwcki1uxqkc/Documents
  4. that's interesting. I just had this problem with a custom(crashing to desktop). Isolating the files I found out the lead arrangement .XML was the problem, then I went back to EOF and did everything I could, I even got to the point of deleting all of the notes and sections and it would still crash. as a last resort I copied the notes and imported another .gpro, then deleted the new notes and pasted the old ones. That solved the problem. I read in another topic that EOF don't copy tech notes when you copy the normal notes, so that was probably it.
  5. I just put it on the list, have fun
  6. the collection is growing so I decided to make this as a mean to keep it all organized in one place. this is all my CDLC organized by band name/album: Red Hot Chili Peppers http://cps-static.rovicorp.com/3/JPG_400/MI0002/155/MI0002155646.jpgMothers Milk 1- Knock me down 2- Song that made us what we are today 3- Stone cold bush http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5e/RHCP-BSSM.jpgBlood Sugar Sex Magik 1- If you have to ask 2- My lovely man 3- Blood sugar sex magik 4- Give it away 5- Sir psycho sexy 6- Funky monks http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ru/thumb/9/9e/Californication.jpg/230px-Californication.jpgCalifornication 1- Emit remmus 2- I like dirt 3- Get on top 4- Porcelain 5- This velvet glove 6- Savior 7- Purple stain 8- Right on time 9- Easily (combo version) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ru/6/69/200pxBy_the_Way.jpgBy the Way 1- Dosed 2- Universally speaking 3- Minor thing 4- Don't forget me 5- I could die for you 6- Venice Queen 7- Cabron 8- This is the place 9- Tear 10- Midnight http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e6/Stadiumarcadium.jpgStadium Arcadium 1- Desecration smile 2- So much I 3- Wet sand 4- Charlie 5- Torture me 6- Turn it again 7- C'mon girl 8- She's only 18 9- We believe 10- Animal bar 11- Warlocks 12- Stadium arcadium 13- 21st century http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/3429909/Live+at+Slane+Castle+disc+2+RHCPSLANE.jpgLive 1- Californication Live at Slane Castle 2- Scar Tissue Live at Slane Castle 3- Parallel Universe Live at Slane Castle 4- Don't Forget Me Live at Slane Castle http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/ae/Shallowbethygame.jpgShallow Be Thy Game Single 1- Shallow be thy game http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/70/Wesaluteyou.jpgRare songs, B-sides, covers 1- Body of water 2- Bunker Hill 3- Out of range 4- Rivers of Avalon 5- Havana Affair 6- Save the population 7- Million miles of water 8- I'll be your domino 9- Search and Destroy John Frusciante Solo Work http://www.feelnumb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/fru1.jpg 1- Dissolve 2- Wind up space 3- Ramparts 4- The past recedes 5- Song to sing when I'm lonely 6- Look on 7- Inside a break 8- Someone's 9- Anne 10- The will to death 11- Omission 12- With love 13- Murmur 14- Time goes back 15- Estress 16- Wayne 17- Before the Beginning Ataxia (John Frusciante + Josh Klinghoffer) http://s2.glbimg.com/UY9LPV6F-oKIdPk0Cl7vNvlurSc=/620x350/smart/s.glbimg.com/po/ms/f/original/91/2012/03/10/john-frusciante-and-josh-klinghoffer-lf.jpg 1- The Sides The Strokes http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/1500000/The-Strokes-the-strokes-1555840-590-480.jpg 1- Red Light 2- Electricityscape 3- Meet me in the bathroom 4- Machu Picchu 5- Metabolism 6- Soma 7- Automatic Stop 8- Hawaii 9- Under Control The White Stripes http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9a/The_White_Stripes_-_De_Stijl.jpgDe Stijl 1- Death Letter 2- Little Bird http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/11/Elephant,_The_White_Stripes.pngElephant 1- Hypnotize 2- Black Math 3- There's no home for you here http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/25/The_White_Stripes_Icky_Thumb.jpgIcky Thump 1- Little cream soda 2- Bone broke Wolfmother 1- Apple Tree 2- Witchcraft 3- White feather 4- Far Away 5- Pilgrim 6- Violence of the Sun 7- Phoenix 8- City Lights 9- Victorious 10- The Love That You Give 11- Eye Of The Beholder 12- Wedding 13- Remove Your Mask Moptop http://www.festivalvaradouro.art.br/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/moptop.jpg 1- Uma chance 2- O rock Acabou 3- Contramão 4- Eu avisei 5- Aonde quer chegar? 6- Ninguém pra te esquecer 7- Paris 8- Tão certo 9- Lugar Qualquer Other bands/songs 1- Joy Division - Shadowplay 2- The Killers - Shadowplay 3- The Replacements - Bastards of young 4- The Pillows - Carnival
  7. yes but that's the point. most people would probably ignore it, it's more of an "internal control" thing for we to know who did what. as for "go ahead and post it", I can't really do that because a lot of people that did this CDLCs are still here and want to upgrade them, so that would be really impolite of me, the hard thing is that there is no way to pinpoint the ones that really left. (thinking about it now, an idea could be something encoded in the psarc that can be decoded by the toolkit, but I don't know how hard something like this would be to code). as for piracy, I think people are being overcautious, it's fine that people worry about their privacy because the mafiaa and blablabla, but Rocksmith is a learning tool(marketed as "the fastest way to learn guitar"), you can't even listen to any song in it if you don't have a guitar plugged. any lawyer would have a hard time trying to dismiss the fair use aspect of customs.
  8. it was the solo from californication listening to me wasn't enough, I had to play it. so I bought a guitar
  9. bob64, creating customs is not an infringement of copyright laws. sharing may be, although the "educational purposes" argument is pretty convincing, since, well, it is for educational purposes. however that is the very reason why an internet database is fragile, and that's why I think a decentralized database could be convenient, IF we want to keep this model of ethics about preserving "moral ownership" to customs, otherwise it's impractical. everytime something happens half the charters would disappear and we wouldn't be able to continue to support half of the customs db, meaning it's lost forever. (my point is that if you don't want to leave a legacy to the customs you make then you should give up any kind of development ownership(authorship) of it, what would be expressed by it not being credited) you do have a point though about drawing too much attention to customsforge.com , that might not be a good idea.
  10. Guys, I recently learned how to make customs, my idea was to make the most RHCP customs possible, but then I stumbled into this: a lot of famous songs have RS2012 versions, however, since the old database is gone, I have no idea who made them, therefore I can't contact this people about making RS2014 versions of this songs. so I tried to search on the forum for a list of the RS2012 customs or something, this thread showed up: http://customsforge.com/topic/2350-rescuing-customs/ in it, the user "Xstatic" posted this great idea: "It wont change anything but if people really were worried about credit they could just add a extra second of leading silence and in that second do a vocal file with their name so it flashes their forum name at the start of their work. " so here is an idea of standart: CustomDLC V1.0 by "USERNAME" from customsforge.com contact: "E-MAIL ADRESS OR WHATEVER YOU PREFER" I think adopting this standart can solve the following current issues 1. About credits issues when we post customs on the database, it's pretty much given that some people will take it and share on other forums, blogs, or torrent websites. my first contact with customs was through torrents, it actually took me some time to find the source. this happens now because the credits to a custom is only bound to the customsforge's database, when its taken out of the database, this information is lost. adopting this new standart will not only give authors credit for the custom regardless where it was downloaded, but it also ensures that the person who download it will know that the source is customsforge.com also, re-uploads to new databases (like the idea of the topic "rescuing customs") would mantain credits 2. About contacting issues because of the past events, it would be good to be prepared for the eventuality of Ubisoft releasing a new version of rocksmith and the eventuality of customsforge's database vanishing. with this standart, even if both happen, in the future another person that wants to make a custom that was already made before(or is looking for tips on custom making, or wants to re-upload) can easily contact the author of the older custom. 3.Archive names since the version of the CDLC will be in the credits, versions on the .psarc filename could be avoided That will also bring more people to the community interested in making customs, since more people will know about the forum. Another thing is that, unlike editing the name of the custom's .psarc, this is totally harmless and won't affect neither sorting nor gameplay, leading silence is already a standart and the credit could be easily ignored by a player who don't care so it won't change anything. what do you guys think?
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