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  1. I'm also left-handed, and I also learned to play right-handed because it's easier to find a guitar. I do have some problems with the picking hand, it's really hard to switch the angle of the hand to perform upstrokes, sometimes I hit strings out of the range of the chord. it may be that I just suck at playing though. I recently found out that fingerstyle feels much better to play. from time to time I also have these ideas about trying to play it left-handed, but it never worked for me. it feels really awkward trying to form chord shapes with my right hand, my right hand is really stiff. I ac
  2. @@HoBoTheGreat thanks @@DakenAkihiro7 I just uploaded save the population, enjoy @@paniteitons I aways add bass when I can, but I'm not a bass player so it depends of the gpro tab I'm using having accurate and synced bass tab. I got a lot of requests for 'before the beginning' so I'll probably try to do that when I have more time. @@NakedBryan yes, I found a lot of tabs for it, I'll add it in the next pack of songs.
  3. well, comparing the broken arrangement with the new one, the only visible difference is that the broken one have some misplaced bend tech notes that were imported from the gpro here's the broken xml and a ddc log: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jfxwcki1uxqkc/Documents
  4. that's interesting. I just had this problem with a custom(crashing to desktop). Isolating the files I found out the lead arrangement .XML was the problem, then I went back to EOF and did everything I could, I even got to the point of deleting all of the notes and sections and it would still crash. as a last resort I copied the notes and imported another .gpro, then deleted the new notes and pasted the old ones. That solved the problem. I read in another topic that EOF don't copy tech notes when you copy the normal notes, so that was probably it.
  5. about the requests for Chili Peppers songs the "Californication Live at Slane castle" I made some time ago http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/californication-live-at-slane-castle-r3113 "She's Only 18" I requested a long time ago and I'm about to post it now so it's also completed.
  6. I just put it on the list, have fun
  7. the collection is growing so I decided to make this as a mean to keep it all organized in one place. this is all my CDLC organized by band name/album: Red Hot Chili Peppers http://cps-static.rovicorp.com/3/JPG_400/MI0002/155/MI0002155646.jpgMothers Milk 1- Knock me down 2- Song that made us what we are today 3- Stone cold bush http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5e/RHCP-BSSM.jpgBlood Sugar Sex Magik 1- If you have to ask 2- My lovely man 3- Blood sugar sex magik 4- Give it away 5- Sir psycho sexy 6- Funky monks http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ru/thumb/9/9e/Californicatio
  8. yes but that's the point. most people would probably ignore it, it's more of an "internal control" thing for we to know who did what. as for "go ahead and post it", I can't really do that because a lot of people that did this CDLCs are still here and want to upgrade them, so that would be really impolite of me, the hard thing is that there is no way to pinpoint the ones that really left. (thinking about it now, an idea could be something encoded in the psarc that can be decoded by the toolkit, but I don't know how hard something like this would be to code). as for piracy, I think people ar
  9. it was the solo from californication listening to me wasn't enough, I had to play it. so I bought a guitar
  10. bob64, creating customs is not an infringement of copyright laws. sharing may be, although the "educational purposes" argument is pretty convincing, since, well, it is for educational purposes. however that is the very reason why an internet database is fragile, and that's why I think a decentralized database could be convenient, IF we want to keep this model of ethics about preserving "moral ownership" to customs, otherwise it's impractical. everytime something happens half the charters would disappear and we wouldn't be able to continue to support half of the customs db, meaning it's lost fo
  11. Guys, I recently learned how to make customs, my idea was to make the most RHCP customs possible, but then I stumbled into this: a lot of famous songs have RS2012 versions, however, since the old database is gone, I have no idea who made them, therefore I can't contact this people about making RS2014 versions of this songs. so I tried to search on the forum for a list of the RS2012 customs or something, this thread showed up: http://customsforge.com/topic/2350-rescuing-customs/ in it, the user "Xstatic" posted this great idea: "It wont change anything but if people really were worried about
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