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  1. well, comparing the broken arrangement with the new one, the only visible difference is that the broken one have some misplaced bend tech notes that were imported from the gpro here's the broken xml and a ddc log: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jfxwcki1uxqkc/Documents
  2. that's interesting. I just had this problem with a custom(crashing to desktop). Isolating the files I found out the lead arrangement .XML was the problem, then I went back to EOF and did everything I could, I even got to the point of deleting all of the notes and sections and it would still crash. as a last resort I copied the notes and imported another .gpro, then deleted the new notes and pasted the old ones. That solved the problem. I read in another topic that EOF don't copy tech notes when you copy the normal notes, so that was probably it.
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