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  1. You have The Lost Battalion linked as The Last Stand :)
  2. Or you could use the tools here to make them yourself. It's really not difficult once you've gotten familiar with the software.
  3. How do you download so many? It would take forever to download 7000 of them wouldn't it? I do it by picking a band and just go down the list adding their songs to my collection. When I do a bulk download, I usually get about 500 songs at a time within an hour or 2.
  4. I've got almost 5k. Takes about 5 minutes for the list load when I start Rocksmith. http://i.imgur.com/1S9PYew.png
  5. Check the genres section. There are some jazz songs, but not a lot.
  6. From what I can see it shouldn't have anything to do with the site since they just sell activation keys. Everything appears to be legal from what I can tell. Have you run an anti-virus program since you installed it? I had something similar happen several years ago with a different program and they were unrelated, was just coincidental timing. D'après ce que je peux voir il ne devrait pas avoir quelque chose à voir avec le site , car ils vendent simplement les clés d'activation . Tout semble être légal de ce que je peux dire . Avez-vous exécuter un programme anti-virus depuis que vous avez installé ? J'ai eu quelque chose de semblable se produit il y a plusieurs années avec un programme différent et ils étaient sans rapport , était tout simplement le calendrier coïncidence.
  7. I'm a bass player as well, and I'm the exact opposite, I use my pinky constantly. I also tend to play standing, so I let the strap do the heavy lifting ^_^
  8. Какие браузеры вы используете? What browsers are you using?
  9. @@Alex360 It was a lot of your uploads that made me notice it lol
  10. I was going through the database and found quite a few songs taht are hosted on copy.com adn found that they werent working After a quick search google came up with a link saying that copy is no longer in service
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