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  1. I have bought over 650 songs,and bought the game for PS3, PS4 and now Steam. At AU $4.55 per song,I feel no guilt,why are you trying to shame me? this IS the cdlc site isn't it? So I have not bought THREE songs and you're both acting holier than thou?
  2. two of the three songs were available as cdlc, not any longer, I grabbed em just before they were pulled hehe
  3. the realtone cable is a very poor quality recording interface. Better off buying a USB interface that has quality pre amps,like a Scarlett 2i2,under $150.
  4. you should buy an amp first and a splitter so you hear your bass only thru the amp, not the game. This will improve your playing no end because you will hear what you are playing, not a mix of the original and without the effects.
  5. hey mate, unfortunately, most of JPJ's lines are not easy. That's why I am addicted to them. I can play Ramble On and What is and what should never be and The Ocean....it only took me 34 years to get there, hang in ! Off the top of my head, try Heartbreaker, Living Loving Maid,Communication Breakdown. I think they were the first I learned all those years ago with the Led Zep Complete for piano book, trying to transcribe those notes below my E was a pain hehe PS try Dyer Maker too.
  6. On bass, I am decent enough to always play songs on full difficulty, so it's a pain to have to go into RR,select all sections and shove em to 100%. I suck on guitar though so usually need to start on easy but I mainly play bass these days, I know where I belong :)
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