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  1. RIP. I enjoyed seeing you around in song comments and talking about some doujin jazz with you.

    May your legacy live on.

  2. I wondered why my galaxy collapse vid was getting a bunch of views, turns out it was used in this vid. Pretty neat.


  3. Really enjoying "Bocchi the Rock!" at the min, hyped for the anime.


  4. Just found a ton of Raise a suilen and Roselia tabs, gonna be busy later.

  5. Youtube music has the GUP soundtrack. I am a happy boi. Even has the Symphonie album, oh yea.

  6. Happy Cirno day bois. Got something planned for ya later

  7. I live. Finally got internet back so stuff soon.

    1. MiyubiTheSloth


      i was wondering where you were

    2. MiyubiTheSloth
  8. Oh yes doom time. Rip all my half done songs lol

  9. Short term plans for songs are to finish silver orbit, prima dynamis, I pray and DMS by denkare. We'll see how it goes after that :)

  10. Right Grisia's done, good read, quite interesting. Also finished nurse love addiction, nice yuri vn on the switch. Time to finish "if my heart had wings" at last lol

  11. Ya boi's been playing "The Fruit of Grisaia" and "if my heart had wings" so the songs are a bit slow at the min lol.

  12. New ETA bois "RENAISSANCE" 18th september-ish

    1. charade97


      i think i wanna buy the digital version if exist

    2. coldrampage


      you can probably get it on I-tunes or google/amazon music when it comes out

  13. New utsu-p album "RENAISSANCE" 2019/08/12. Hype bois

    1. charade97


      uuuuuu i m curious hype a lot :D

  14. lmao Tokunan from demetori did guitar for some com3d2 songs. "secret deep blue" and "Happy! Happy! Scandal!!" probably some more I haven't found yet. Anyway I found it amusing.

  15. Yo I just found some go-zen tabs on the archive of their website, lets fucking go

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. coldrampage


      We've got like half the album, gonna run the rar link through some other archive sites

    3. coldrampage


      no luck, rip

    4. coldrampage


      anyway I put them up on mediafire so if anyone wants them without all the hassle here ya go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zq7ho8xoyj8845d/go0zen.rar/file


      I'll convert to gp5 and make customs when I get round to it

  16. More undead corp later, Adore Your Pain. Then I'll try to finish the tab for the metal remix of un owen.

  17. The thing's done, check the mod thread if your interested. I'll get back to doing songs tomorrow

  18. Been working on something for the past few days, It'll probably be done today/tomorrow. Then I can get back do doing more songs

    1. coldrampage


      Why can we edit these lol, back do doing songs more regularly.

    2. coldrampage


      you can really see how much i edit my stuff now lol. First things I'm gonna do when I'm done is finishing a half done touhou song, and then some more go-zen and nothingface.

  19. I'm back (been back for a while) just need a new post to cover the old one since I'm no longer gone lol. What else should I say, hmmm. Oh yeah jellystone's done I just gotta fix like 3 things first so expect that tomorrow I guess (and more go-zen, filthy frank and nothing face) I'm gonna be busy lol.

  20. TLDR; I'll be back in a few days need a bit of a break. See prev update for full ver

  21. I need to make a less ass version of my cover image (sorry for the random notification lads)

    1. Cage137


      I like them. They're kinda cool and unique. At least not boring looking cover art. :)

  22. Well I put in my birthday 12 days early, rip.

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