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  1. Oups hadn't seen that :huh: Great song though :)
  2. perhaps a little bit too competitive when the leaderboard is opened in the background :huh: :P :D
  3. Up and running again then? :D Edit: I may have mistaken you for another Mac user… ;) Hmm you must be a clairvoyant cause I'm a mac user BUT I do all my Rocksmith on a PC :D
  4. http://s22.postimg.org/4hv7rrjw1/Deftones_Minerva_98_54.jpg
  5. Tried out some of this week's tunes Hopefully I get time to improve some of them :)
  6. Hmm I think the Intermediate bass tune is reeeeaaaalllllly difficult So I played some others as well B)
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