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  1. Has anyone successfully developed a stable working music player so one could listen to their rocksmith cdlc library like a jukebox?
  2. I would love to see some John Prine and a few easy Grateful Dead songs. The stuff that can be played acoustic are my favorites but all work well on electric as well. Deep Elem Blues, Brokedown Palace, Row Jimmy, or similar. Also some Jerry Garcia like Gommorah, My Sisters and Brothers and any of his cover tunes The way you do the things you do or the night they drove old dixie down come to mind but any would be appreciated. I lack the computer chops to make my own. Just my two cents, most these songs are not that difficult but sure would be fun to play. Happy Thanksgiving?
  3. Correction this is the version of Hot Rod Lincoln Live by Bill Kirchen
  4. Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody--- This song has a section featuring countless classic rock licks, would be a challenge for a skilled guitarist! If you don't know the song check it out, you'll like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R7l7nDuj1o
  5. Cant find this on the site, but must have got it from here an it through max5, duplicates, nodd, bonus, etc.--------------- song manager says it is repaired but freezes my rocksmith remastered until I hit change path and go back then immediately click on different file,as soon as you try to play brown eyed girl by Them/ van morrison it freezes anybody?
  6. Alludog thanks for all your work, I am hoping you are not still putting off those grateful dead songs because I really want to see them, especially something besides the 5 or 6 generic radio songs. I really would be happy with the easy rhythm parts from some of the slower songs (think acoustic campfire stuff like High Time etc.) but unfortunately I have been trying to learn how to make a custom but it seems way beyond my computer skills. Really hope someone with more skill than me will step up one day soon , I envision a list of 30 or 40 songs one day. I can't pay for songs that would go against the rules but would be willing to donate a pledge for each song created to custom forge coffers, any takers ?
  7. Newest update of Avast does not play well with CFSM (regular or Beta) no problems prior to this last update about 3 days ago
  8. Rocksmith Remastered offers a no cable option why would you use a 3rd party patch ?
  9. I download form them all the time , there are ways to not have any problems, often clicking on the download button more than once is the trick, I have had zero issues and 0 malware
  10. Thanks for the answer, you guys are doing a great job !
  11. OK guys I think I have a new one, I have debugged my collection - 100%mastery, duplicates, persistent ID, max 5 (mostly NO DD & sometimes bonus and rarely metronome) I have been meticulous with this because I don't want to do it again or at least not anytime soon (fingers crossed). I have removed all duplicates and all backups from those folders in the CFSM (program files x86 section) I have scanned the CFSM program with an empty dlc folder to delete the ghost files (don't know the technical name (probably cache or cookies, I'm not a techie) Once I had the program telling me it was empty I then loaded my fixed cdlc"s back in the dlc folder and rescanned all files show up and show no errors (i.e. max 5, duplicates, 100% bug, persistent ID etc.) only in the program no duplicates show either in the duplicates tab nor in the long file name,, but in the actual DLC folder I can see many files which have the .dup ending. for instance (Bob Marley stir it up v2 .psarc.dup and Bob Marley stir it up v3.psarc) and they have different file names and are not persistent ID 'S any ideas ? IMPORTANT Can I just go in the DLC folder and just manually rename the file by just removing the.dup extension or will this cause problems with the game or file ?
  12. I have noticed that if rocksmith releases a new song my cdl version becomes locked, how can I avoid this, it is annoying, I will work on a song and all of a sudden it is locked. Can I play offline ?
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