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  1. Have you considered doing some stuff from the new Sword album? Either way, Love your stuff, Kinda wish you'd do more Stoner stuff, but your charts are a ton of fun. Been a fan for a while. :)
  2. Not really, but Metallica has always been my least favorite of the Big 4. (or was that Megadeth. I think they're tied in my distaste for them)
  3. This. Also, other bands that are like Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats would be other Doom metal and Stoner Metal bands, some of which I'm really surprised to not see on Customsforge like Sleep, Electric Wizard, Conan, Dopethrone and Kyuss. Kyuss actually have a few songs made on Customsforge, actually.
  4. Sadly my team hasn't been in the premiership for the last few years, Maybe Leeds will make it back up there soon.
  5. I know the WC's been over for a while now, but I'm really proud of my Yanks for proving the naysayers wrong and getting out of the Group. Here's to 2018 and hopefully Altidore not pulling his bloody hamstring in the first game.
  6. I've got a soft spot for the USMNT. Go you yanks!I think that we'll get out of the group of death, even with Portugal and Germany in our group, considering the injuries that germany's had recently I dare say that as long as we win our first game against Ghana(oh lawd) and tie against Portugal that we'll make it through to the 16. As for JK's decision on keeping Landon out of the 23 man roster, I gotta say this, I love LD, but he's not in World Cup shape. That being said, I would've played him instead of Jozy Altidore, who's not had a very good year with Southampton. (Though, after a drought usually comes a flood of goals. Here's hoping Altidore can kick that slump he's had to the curb.)
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