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  1. Another underrated power metal band you should check out - BLOODBOUND : Bloodbound has lots of tabs at ultimate guitar!
  2. I miss some songs from Kreator - no tabs available - maybe someone can do it by ear: warrior heart wolfchild your heaven my hell earth under the storm Lion With Eagle Wings
  3. Would be awsome to see more early BLACK METAL here, my favorite bands of that genre where Abigor and Liombonic Art. This is only for people who can make charts by themselfes cause u cant find a lot tabs from them or they arent good. If u dont know them they are totally worth checkeing them out, they are very underrated. For Limbonic Art i recommend the Albums Epitome of Illusions Moon in the Scorpio In Abhorrence Dementia For Abigor the Albums Supreme Immortal Art Nachthymen Or songs from classic black metal Album Nemesis Divina from Satyricon would be great Id even consider to pay for good tabs from Limbonic Art or Abigor!
  4. Well first of all, big thanks to everyone who helped to solve the bugs after the update. I tired to convert about 900 songs with the CFSM app and only 30 of them could not get converted. Looks like its because of the tone issue allredy mentioned (tones have to be rearranged in EOF). But now i have another Problem: Whenever i try to create a new song with the rocksmith custom toolkit (v2.7.1.0) it shows an error message like this: Application.ThreadExeption System.NullReferenceExeption: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. In other words i cant create songs anymore with the latest version of the toolkit, must be some basic settings that are wrong. Does anyone have an idea why i get that error ?
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