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  1. Make sure to report those and we'll take care of cleaning things up
  2. All CDLC shared on CF should have DD since 2017 if i recall correctly, if you see one posted after that that doesn't have it, they are breaking the rule and should be reported so that they can be managed. It's also why we have gotten rid of that filter, ALL recent CDLC should have it and old one needs to be repaired with CFSM to not be totally buggy.
  3. Care to detail when and where do you have issue with going back/forward? There's a lot of different thing going on and it's not easy to make sure all cases work as user expect them to.
  4. Any new upload should have DD, any song older than the remastered update will be handled on a case by case basis, so if it doesn't have DD, report it and we'll manage it so that this filter should never be needed ever again.
  5. Note that you need to fill in both the year as well as the duration for the edit to work (author note is also a required field now) so make sure everything is properly added and in the right format or it'll refuse to edit the record.
  6. @HuEvCli've partially edited the record already and it went through, could you try to finish to edit it as you wish and see if you still have issue?
  7. Alright, a few more added to the long list of song adding more and more variety to the artist list :D
  8. We do not tolerate piracy and is against our rule.
  9. Depends on how the tuning was set exactly but i would suggest to fix the tuning directly into EOF too to avoid having to switch the tuning all the time in the toolkit.
  10. Midi lacks a lot of information to get a good tab from a direct import but once the note are in GP, editing it to make sense shouldn't be too hard.
  11. Depends how many mistake and what are your DD settings but that's not impossible.
  12. well, there is ways around it like using an alternate tool for DD creation : http://customsforge.com/topic/46864-ddc-improver-tool-windows-mac-and-linux/ But in your case, i would not even suggest to put a no guitar section there, if it's empty for less than a full measure, it's probably not worth doing so.
  13. Your issue is with DDC that will always move phrase and section on the first beat of a measure which is where that note is instead of where you put it yourself.
  14. Alright, time to talk about DD and specifically DDC settings. There's two drop down options which aren't really the core of the issue here but that are probably worth a quick explanation : Rampage : Define the general DDC process that will be applied (default is the standard DD creation, remover remove DD and the other are specific conditions in regards to chord). General is the only one worth using when making CDLC. Config File : It allow to make fine tuning on the DD creation in regards to the algorithm, the default isn't too bad but i would tend to suggest to use the Keep All Level file to have a more granular progression with DD that would make it slightly closer to oDLC standard. It won't be perfect but it's better than default. All of those don't really cause your specific "issue" though. The last settings that matters is the "Phrase Length". I think the name speak by itself relatively well but to make it simple : it's the number of measure DDC will put in a single phrase, not one more. If that settings is lower than your own defined phrases/sections, then you'll end up with new phrases set in places where you have not set any yourself so you'll end up with extra phrases around.
  15. A link to the file could really help understand what you are seeing and what might not be set properly. And for posting picture, better to use imgur or other hosting site and just linking to it here.
  16. A scale is just indicated how many steps you have inside an octave and how far apart are each step, a major pentatonic uses 5 notes within an octave ("penta") and uses I-II-III-V-VI (I is the Root or Key of the scale). So in a C pentatonic major, you start on C and then uses D (II) E (III) G (V) A (VI). It exist as many pentatonic major as there is notes which is why the key matters as it define where you start (and all other notes that goes with it accordingly). So all key share the same amount of scales and changing key on guitar is like changing the fret you start with but not the pattern you play. Obviously knowing where your root is important as it's the starting point, there's other note that are important in different scales as they are key points of the scales (they gives the "color" of the scales like the minor third in a minor pentatonic). That's also what RS indicates with the whole and hollowed block, the whole block are the notes that will always work and define the scale while the hollowed one are more transitionnal note that might not sound as nice in all cases.
  17. The progress is saved in your profile which steam transfer over if you have steam cloud save synchronisation activated. Once that's done, you just need to have the CDLC files on both computer and you should be good to go.
  18. EOF should automatically generate them if there's none already set in the songs. You can quickly if there is any by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F and delete them from here.
  19. You have an issue with lacking FHP (no highlighted fret on the highway), there's probably more issue in the file but with just that info, it's hard to know what could be the exact cause of the crash.
  20. Add Dynimic Difficulty (or do sections/phrase by hand in EOF)
  21. @@jstma the biggest undesirable effet of having sustain everywhere is that it makes reading it messire as you have more clutter on the screen that doesn't actually indicate vital information for the readability and playability of the song. It won't crash or anything and like any rule like this, they are exception that are worth doing. It's up to you and to see how it looks and play to know what's best but that option is there because 99% of the time, that's how it is usually done so someone used to official content will be used to that.
  22. https://i.imgur.com/TTkIUVB.png
  23. It is set by default because that's how all official DLC are by default too, that's the general rule to apply in regards to sustain on single note.
  24. @@Ironmeister The whole dynamic difficulty setup they have is amazing for beginners, but that's not something CDLC does well. CDLC are not for beginner but Rocksmith used as the dev meant it to be works like a charm.
  25. @@riddick32 @@tdchewy DL number are just based on clicks on the link, that's also true for CDLC, it is in no way an indication that the oDLC was bought or that the CDLC was played, it just indicated that someone clicked on the link.
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