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  1. So I'm starting to get aggravated with this. I went years on a cracked copy of RS 2014 until I had an issue with resolution (which I solved). I ended up purchasing a legit copy from steam. Realized it's missing all the RS1 songs. Purchased the import tool and RS1 from steam. Still missing the songs I wanted. (Dammit from Blink 182) Figured out they are part of the RS1 DLC pack that does not load in my 2014. Tried CFSM. Didn't help. Finally got mad and purchased the 3 song pack from steam but it is for RS1. Everything I read says it should show up in RS 2014 but it does not. It loads in RS1 though so the data is there. At this point everyone says any DLC from RS1 should show up in RS 2014 as long as I bought it on steam but it doesn't. Now at this point I'm out about 80 bucks and am not a happy camper. I do things the legit way once and I get nothing. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Is there something I have to do to make this work? If I go to the shop in 2014 it shows I bought the song pack but does not show in the game.
  2. I would guess something in the game is broken or the dll file is bad. Either get another copy or just buy the steam version. The remastered version from steam is more stable and looks a lot better IMO anyway and it's only like 10 bucks right now.
  3. I think I got it. I had to change the resolution in the rocksmith.ini file to 3840X2160. It loads up now and is showing the DLC I put in the folder. FYI, that worked for both the versions of the game I have.
  4. Here's a good issue for you all. I had a non legit version of RS that stopped working when I switched to 4K resolution. I could get it to work if I switched resolution back to 1080. I bought the steam version and installed it. That works with 4K resolution but now I can not get the DLC to work. If I copy over my DLC and the D3DX9_42.dll the game does the same thing as the non legit version and will not load. I do have cherub rock purchased but I am at a loss why the legit version stops working once I move the files to the DLC folder in steam. I can keep using the old version I have if I just change resolution every time I want to play but I would rather be able to run the legit steam version. Anyone have any idea what the issue is?
  5. Awesome. I used Darjusz's tutorial along with a few youtube videos. I wish i found your tutorial. Makes things a little easier. One issue though, I think there might be a problem with the RSTK and the wwise 2017 versions. That was my main problem. After screwing around with it most of the day and trying a bunch of diffrent combinations of things in EOF the toolkit finally gave me an error saying my wwise version was not supported. I'm running v2.8.4.1 of the RSTK. Everything started working perfect once i back dated wwise to a 2016 version.
  6. Thanks Firekorn. It's all better now. That brings up the question, if we can use the ogg file in the tooklit then why go through the step of wwise? Now that i have a supported version when i create the file with the toolkit i can now see the wwise CMD window so i know the program is being used by the toolkit but i don't see why I should even bother running the song through wwise manually if the toolkit does it for you.
  7. Ok, so i think i figured some of it out. Apparently the toolkit is not compatible with the 2017 version of wwise. It just started erroring out because of the version after about 9 versions of the song. I switched to a 2015 version of wwise and it generated the file and the game would play it but the notes are way off for some reason. I'll keep hacking at it.
  8. I made the .wem file in Wwise. So if i don't have to use the .wem file from Wwise then I don't need Wwise at all? That's the only step it's used for.
  9. I tried making it again. This time I corrected the chord finger errors in EOF but left the pitchless lyrics. Still no luck. That was v5 and it's in with the other files. You'll also notice there is a v5 and v5a. when I tried to generate the file in the toolkit it gave me an error saying song info has been changed update arrangement identification. v5 i told it not to update and v5a i told it to update. Just so everyone knows the game does not freeze. It sits on the runway for maybe 5 seconds then goes back to the song selection like you finished the song but the notes never move on the runway.
  10. I tried my first custom song today. I followed a bunch of tutorials including the ones on the forum to create it. Now it's all done after hours of learning and work and as my luck would have it, it does not work. I know it is not my game. All other CDLC songs work fine. The game lets me tune then freezes showing the first sets of notes. I have tried a bunch of different things but just can't get it running. I do get a bunch of errors running EOF for chord finger information and pitchless lyrics but every tutorial says to ignore that. I figured it was time to seek assistance from the professionals. I would really like to know what I am doing wrong. Here are the files I have been working with. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zx1sdw7iqm4bqmw/AADRLeXTXeUf9VONnm4DQJWfa?dl=0 Any help would be appreciated.
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