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  1. Have you altered windows volume when RS was open? Do you have the override input gain option active?
  2. There's a few people that put out good ones, but they are limited and not many people give them exposure. But do comment on people's work, it helps other as well as the author if they are so inclined to do something. Quality won't go up if users don't show that they seriously care.
  3. Spoiler, it's not windows lowering the volume, it's RS based on the calibration you did.
  4. The 100% mastery bug happened with the remastered update as there was a discrepencies between how CDLC and ODLC were made that cause the game to count chords in the score multiple times. This can be repaired by using CFSM (that's a huge part of why we made such a mass repair option) and any song post 2017 shouldn't have that bug or they break our rule. There's a "true tuning" checkbox that should be used on ignition for songs that uses a different reference pitch than A440. If the tuning is wrong in game or that checkbox isn't checked in ignition, it breaks our rule and should be repor
  5. The X is when there is no arrangement for the path you are on (lead or rhythm or bass), you just need to press ctrl to switch path.
  6. You can't, either edit the track as you want in GP or import in two different EOF track and then copy/paste thing in EOF
  7. No, that doesn't matter.
  8. User Riff Repeater (press space when playing the song) to practice the section you want without having to go through the rest. There isn't version that are only the solo.
  9. Except that the tuning is wrong as my post explained, if you do it for guitar with A440, the tuning should be -4 -2 0 +2 0 0 but the tunning is defined as 8 10 0 2 0 0 which will have the lowest two string an octave higher than it should.
  10. Rocksmith assumes that the guitar tuning reference is E std at A440 (A4 at 440Hz). So the reference is E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4 when all strings are set to 0. But bass on the other hand reference E std an octave lower with E1 A1 D2 G2 with all strings set to 0. If you are not familiar with the note naming + octave convention, the rest will get tougher. Cello are using C2 G2 D3 A3. From the guitar reference, that gives : -4 from E2 to C2 -2 from A2 to G2 0 from D3 to D3 +2 from G3 to A3 but then you have 2 unused strings on the display. This doesn't re
  11. If you don't adjust the tuning frequency, you will be off on the octave you are playing. This is necessary because RS don't allow for a tuning that is further than an octave from standard (+/-12) so if you want to go 14 above standard, you need to adjust the frequency to get a +12 offset (440Hz to 880Hz) and then add +2 from the tuning). As for tone, that's not something that can be managed by default that easily especially since you could want to add some specific effect to it to fit the song if you are not doing a classical piece (see Apocalyptica that uses pedalboard with thei
  12. Have you restarted steam? There is no obvious reason that it doesn't show up so make sure to restart everything first and that you have no filter in the game that could hide it and it should be there.
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