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  1. JamesPrestonUK....sorry for saying thanks to you SO LATE. I am a huge fan of yours. Your CDLCs have been an inspiration for me to play more often. Is there any way I can support you directly? My email is desertrider71@protonmail.com. In the last 24 hours, I have discoverd the UK band JAMES, which I had never heard of before. (?!?) A few years back....Big Country. You have some amazing bands over there that are underappreciated, and I enjoy this journey. Take care and all the best to you. You are awesome, JamesPrestonUK !!
  2. Hey, thanks a lot for that! Am I in the correct forum here, or do you have a specific thread for people that are trying to create? Mike
  3. I kind of agree, but this is my second attempt at making a bass CDLC, and the transition from tabs to content is not very smooth.
  4. If you don't listen to The Reverse Engineers, I will throw my earplugs at you !! :D
  5. ....actually more of a shameless plug for one of my favorite bands, but you have a point. I just donated again to make up for my sneakiness. ;)
  6. rest, rinse, repeat....making my ends meet

  7. I wanted to let everyone know that these guys are working on a new album as of November 2017, and it's due in 2018. It is their first full album since 2004, and if you like Rush or REM or bands like them.....go to Bandcamp or Spotify and check them out. There are ZERO CDLCs for this band. I was working on a bass CDLC for Sunshine With The Shade, but got glitches in the creation software. Those of you with better computer skills.....check them out and make a CDLC of any song of theirs that you like !!
  8. I use Firefox with Ignition, and have had numerous problems loading it in the last few months....including in the last 24 hours. However, I wait a couple of days and then it seems to clear up in that time frame.
  9. I am just here to apologize for insulting LaceyB (Byecal) in the past. I think that what you're doing here is a great thing. Some younger players will really benefit by playing the classics. Good luck to all.
  10. I have downloaded the CDLC creation tool, and will put together a bass CDLC for Hand Cannot Erase by Steven Wilson as soon as feasible. Others have offered to help me create this, which I can play 100% through an amp...but I want to share it with the rest of you.
  11. Extremely, extremely overrated band. Bass lines take me about 2 minutes per song to learn. Lyrics are really pedestrian, and most songs are 3 chords on lead. The drummer is some big deal, but was never as good as Grohl, so what's the point? Rush lets them induct them into the HOF? John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page play at their concert? Que? What? The best American bands in history are Pearl Jam, REM, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Nirvana, and CCR. The Eagles are a CCR rip-off, Green Day is a Sex Pistols ripoff, and FOO is a Nirvana ripoff. Just because you were a kid in the 90's doesn't mean that the Foo Fighters are a great band. Frankly, they kind of suck. Thank god for CustomsForge, which has given us so many CDLC treasures from the great bands !! Put your energy into them, and leave FOO and WEEZER behind. You'll thank me later.....
  12. Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler.....even though I gave up the Strat.....it's him and we need A LOT more of his tunes as CDLCs! For bass guitar playing, I guess my hero is my avatar.....John Paul Jones. :)
  13. Many thanks to Aludog for this group and his other contributions.....check out his great bass guitar tutorials if you want a challenge and a way to improve your playing drastically. For this topic, I am plugging Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson's new album "Hand Cannot Erase." It's an instant progrock classic....no affillation here....I just love the music. Also, Genesis (from 1983) is under-represented here.....Home By the Sea, Mama, That's All, Turn it on Again, etc.
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