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  1. Rahh!! http://i.imgur.com/dSgwlbg.jpg Lead needs more practice http://i.imgur.com/Iqgj77F.jpg
  2. Hello everyone! I have tried emulated bass. The result: http://i.imgur.com/ZvoW3s1.jpg Unfortunately the other songs are not in standard tuning. I will not drop my strings. I'm afraid I will not able to return 'em to E back. My strings are old and can break any time. And I don't have a capo. Guess I should to buy it finally. And lead http://i.imgur.com/klTlbXT.jpg
  3. like that? http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/in-time-movie-image-forearm-01.jpg Guess I failed this week. Completely. Lots of things to do. Well, hope I will freer next week.
  4. Little update. Not such a big progress. Sad. Will try again tomorrow.. and after... and after.... http://i.imgur.com/3vhD1c5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/s64MFo0.jpg
  5. I should to try everything =) I can't play beg rhy above 84% =( yeat http://i.imgur.com/79Wx040.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t0hxHxM.jpg
  6. Hello everybody! This week was quite busy, but in the end I found some time to play. First impression of Jack White - Sixteen Saltines was not such a pleasant. But after several plays I changed my mind =) http://i.imgur.com/SA8sysW.jpg
  7. Thank you! But except is "Jack White" but The White Stripes.
  8. I'm sorry, but The White Stripes - Sixteen Saltines leads to "The Bates - Billy Jean" by T sign. And I can't find the song in CDLCs.
  9. Woooh. Guess my final score for that song at this time =) http://i.imgur.com/ii5DnDv.jpg
  10. Something like this: http://i.imgur.com/rmW6hNu.jpg
  11. How is a new year guys? =) There's no beginner rhythm song again... well, you push me to the wild step!!11 http://i.imgur.com/OE6Lbjs.jpg I can even play the beginner-lead song upto solo now =)
  12. Happy New Year everyone! Have a nice year! Best wishes from Mother Russia! :snowflake:
  13. No beginner rhythm :cry: why do you do this to me :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. Shortest streak http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-23/peVrh0U2.png
  15. Can't play score attack as good as I would like to. Always misses when I move between frets =( Guess I'm too slow =( http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-22/Mb44EXAy.png
  16. Heh. Beat myself today. http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-21/5HAu1uTw.png Why not to try =) http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-21/lS67OmIZ.png http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-21/cU9j4QdE.png
  17. Hello everyone! I want to say Thank you very much for this site and for this challenge in particular =)Wish you a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year! Heavy riffs, head-breaking solos and shiny guitars and strings! That's enough for my fingers for today:http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-20/L069GeDU.png
  18. I've tried :'( http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-19/Xt37MeC4.png I can't chords. Losts of misses. Gonna practice more.
  19. Oghh. Finally, something for begginers I can even play totally =) http://snap.ashampoo.com/uploads/2015-12-07/eySQoAfX.png
  20. Heh. I'm sorry I abused you. Guess I found how to play CDLC now. 1. Original RS2014 without patches launched from steam doesn't play CDLCs after tunning. 2. Then I ran original rs2014 the DLL directly from the folder without Steam (not from the client), the game didn't show CDLC (see above). 3. BUT, then I ran original rs2014 FROM Steam client with DLL placed near, everything became OK! http://snap.ashampoo.com/p61iN2of
  21. i'm interesting in the number 3 for you, do you have the patcher AND the dll in Rocksmith folder at the same time? What .exe file do you use to launch the game? Hello, woops. I'm sorry. I made a mistake. DLLs and patcher just does nothing for my Steam version. CDLCs not showing in game at all. I have cherub rock (bought it) The game without DLL or patcher showing CDLCs but they're doesn't work. After tunning nothing happens. Here's a screenshot of original binary with DLL running: http://snap.ashampoo.com/ivf2F9hs
  22. Hello, I'm confirming the problem with my Rocksmith 2014. I have a Steam version of Rocksmith 2014 (license). All the original DLCs are plays fine, but customs doesn't work. DLLs and patcher doesn't fix the problem for me (cmd window was shown). Custom DLCs stop after tuning. -- Sorry for mistakes, I'm not an English speaker.
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