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TheManInUrPC's Workshop And Customs!


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Any CDLC that is In-Progress or being planned will be listed here.



Fearless - Pink Floyd

Ween - Ocean Man

Ween - Captain Fantasy (Live)

David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory

Jefferson Airplane - Good Shepherd

Ween - The Mollusk - Many thanks to gubitza for this!

Traffic  - John Barleycorn

Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain

Mott The Hoople - Darkness Darkness - Still a WiP, but is playable.

Led Zeppelin - All My Love

Elton John - Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding 

George Harrison - Isn't It A Pity

George Harrison - What Is Life - Adopted / Original Charter: Unknown - RS2012 version here

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers  - Adopted / Original Charter: dreddfoxx- RS2012 version here

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road 

Currently In-Progress:


Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (Piecing tabs together and transcribing)     

Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe Eugene (Piecing tabs together and transcribing)  


*These two are going to take a while, so I'm going ahead and simultaneously working on other customs that simply require just the import and synchronization of guitar pro tabs*


Bruce Springsteen - Backstreets (This is done essentially, but the toolkit won't compile a .psarc for some reason)


Future CDLC:

Gabrielle - Ween

Can't You See - The Marshall Tucker Band - Got Tab for this

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

George Harrison - Wah Wah

Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy (Partial Transcription Required)

Hesitation Blues - Hot Tuna (Partial Transcription Required)

Traffic - Many A Mile To Freedom (Transcription Required)

J Geils Band - Give It To Me (Transcription Required)

J Geils Band - First I Look At The Purse (Transcription Required)

J Geils Band - Hard Drivin' Man (Transcription Required)

Mott The Hoople - Sweet Angeline

Mott The Hoople - Death May Be Your Santa Claus

The Rolling Stones - The Last Time

Elton John - Tiny Dancer

Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia

(More Ween) *I have a bunch of requests in my inbox, and I'll get to listing them later.*

(More Rolling Stones - There ain't enough here!)

(More Mott The Hoople)


Adopted CDLC:

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers / Original Charter: Unknown

Bad Company - Can't Get Enough / Original Charter: Unknown  - Done by another charter

Cream - Swlabr / She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow / Original Charter: Unknown



A lot of songs that I want to take on require transcription, but I WILL work and do my best to finish them accurately! 




Sister Golden Hair - America (VINYL) (BETA LINK) (Rhythm only)  - Canceled due to already being developed by another charter. Leaving the link up though because the version is in vinyl if anybody is into that. xD



I finally found the fix for RR. All songs have been repaired and I can now continue on to more important things such as: CDLC Quality, etc.



I'll update this thread for every CDLC project that I am working on. Each CDLC will be released when I see them fit for release. Any project that is in-progress will be listed in this thread.





List all your requests here. I'll look each one up and slap 'em on the list if they appear to be projects that I feel capable of taking on! (I.E. Songs I can transcribe, etc.)

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The Mollusk is finished an ready to go. The thing with this one is......I didn't chart the lead at all for this. xD That credit goes to gubitza. I merely made the custom tone and lyrics. I'm not officially posting it into the database until either he gives me a go to post it...or he posts it himself. I know there are a lot of people out there that would like this CDLC, so I'll leave it here with gubitza taking ALL CREDIT for this work. 



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So I really can't do much with the two Pink Floyd customs until I am able to get down to the guitar store to buy a new slide (Lost my old one). Expect the two other customs in my WiP to come out very soon, since both are on the brink of being finished anyways. After that, I'm going to dedicate the rest of my time to the Pink customs since I'll have a slide by then. :)

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So I went and adopted a bunch of other CDLC, since they've been sitting for a while....


Here are the ones that have been adopted:

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers / Original Charter: Unknown

Bad Company - Can't Get Enough / Original Charter: Unknown

Cream - Swlabr / She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow / Original Charter: Unknown


I'll add whatever I can to them in order to release good, solid, revamped versions for RS2014

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