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The Session Mode Recordings/Videos Thread



I have unashamedly 'borrowed' this idea from the official Rocksmith forum from Ubisoft, the original thread is right here (have used an anonymiser just in case linking to Ubisoft from here is a bit dodgy!) and full credit goes to P308R for coming up with the original idea! :D


spiritofcat on there has done the following tutorial on how to record your Session Mode stuff on your PC, here they are:



For anyone that needs help setting up Audacity to record Rocksmith 2014 in Windows, here's a little tutorial I wrote on the Steam forums a while ago:

Step 1:
Go to http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ to download and install Audacity.

Step 2:
Run Rocksmith 2014 and make sure Audio Exclusivity is turned off in the Options menu, then quit.

Step 3:
Open up the Recording Devices tab of the Sound Control Panel (Easily done by right clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray and selecting Recording Devices.

Step 4:
Right click inside the Recording Devices list and ask it to Show Disabled Devices

Step 5:
Find the Stereo Mix disabled device and enable it.

Step 6:
Run Audacity, and select Stereo Mix as your recording input

Here's a little GIF I made to illustrate steps 4, 5 and 6:

Step 7:
Run Rocksmith 2014 once again, and get ready to play whatever it is you want to record, ie, a song, or session mode, or whatever.

Step 8:
Just before you hit the button to begin playing the song or start playing the session, ALT-TAB back out to Audacity and hit the Record button, then ALT-TAB back into Rocksmith 2014.

Step 9:

Step 10:
When you've finished, ALT-TAB out to Audacity again and stop the recording.

Step 11:
In Audacity, hit Play to listen to what you just recorded.





People on there have been uploading their tunes/solos to Soundcloud here.


I've had problems with very low guitar sound the first time you start Rocksmith and Audacity but quitting Rocksmith and restarting it seems to fix the issue. I'm full of Prawn Balti at the moment but will have a go in an hour or so and upload something...but be warned - I'm a bit pants lol :mrgreen:

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Blimey, never thought about FRAPS, I used to work with that every day too. Just had a quick play around but for some reason these last couple of nights I haven't been able to get my groove going...very odd because three nights ago I was really able to get some nice licks going. Will try again tomorrow and see what happens lol

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Just thought I'd give this a *bump*.


The members of the offical Rocksmith forums have started to have a weekly Session Mode jam. A different band, key and scale is going to be chosen each week. This week its the Modern Blues band, Blues scale and key of E Major.



There's my contribution, a definite improvement on what I did a month ago! :mrgreen:


If anyone else wants to give it a go then post your videos or Soundcloud recordings either here or in the thread on the official Rocksmith forums. Week 1 is right here, and Week 2 is starting on Monday.

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