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Testers needed- Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding


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Hey whats up everyone,

ive been using this site for less than a month and i thought i would try to contribute as well.


this my first effort at making cdlc. any feed back would be appreciated.


Current work in progress:

ARTIST...................: Rob Zombie
ALBUM....................: The Sinister Urge
TITLE....................: Demon Speeding
VERSION..................: v0.1
INSTRUMENT(S)............: Lead, Rhythm, bass. and (in the future vocals).
PACKAGE ID...............: Cherub Rock
PLATFORMS................: PC




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My friend, I'm going to test this one for you. I had intended to do so tonight, until learning it was in a different tuning than either of my guitars is set to. I'm aiming for tomorrow, but rest assured that it's on my list and I'm looking forward to it. :)


Thanks so much for contributing after such a short time, and welcome to the community!

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I am not not by any means the best bassist but would love to give the bass a blast. I am off to bed now as i have not long got back from the night shift so will hopefully give it a go later when i get up if i remember :)

Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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Okay, I've played through it a few times, and I'll start by saying this is amazing work for a first attempt, and it's really really close to being spot-on. Many kudos to you, and please don't stop now!


The tone is great and sounds just like the original recording. If there's more than a very slight difference, my ears couldn't tell.


The volume could be just a smidge louder. It's fine and very audible how it is now, so maybe it's just my personal preference to hearing the guitar slightly mixed forward, since that's the instrument I'm training. Bassists may find the same thing with their track, but I couldn't tell you (Bluetac, here's hoping you remember to try this one out!)


The biggest issue I've got with the charting is actually a rather small issue in the grand scheme of things- the timing is slightly off in the verses. In the choruses, I believe you've got it spot on, and if it was slightly off, I didn't notice. In the verses, though, it was quite noticeable that the chart told me to play a note/chord/double-stop at a different beat than the music did. If you were only going to devote your attention to one aspect of this track from here forward, my money says go for this one.


You've mentioned this is your first CDLC, so let me absolutely assure you that properly charting a song and getting all the timings correct is the most time-consuming by a wide margin. In my eyes (ears?) it largely has to do with the fact that we're using machines with perfect timing to chart these and set the BPM meter, then expecting imperfect humans (albeit with great senses of rhythm themselves) to be as precise as our machines, down to the microsecond. And of course, it's not possible. So what we're left with is a track that almost necessarily varies from the intended BPM in several places. So sometimes it requires advancing our charted notes (or groups of notes) and sometimes it requires retarding them, even in the same song.


All that is to say that this is really great and I very much encourage you to make those small final tweaks to this one, and then make many more for us to play! Of course, feel free to post any followup or questions here, or you can just PM me. I'm not usually on here very often, but I'm making an effort to change that now and get more involved. Hope to hear more from you, and thanks so much for putting this here!

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I gave it a go a couple of times and thought the same thing regarding the volume, I have my bass volume set to 100% and the music to around 75% as I like to hear me play. That being said u can't say I had any sync issues that could not be put down to my playing. I will give it another play through shortly (not at home at the minute) and look out for it. A superb job though, my firs effort I gave up on as the whole syncing notes did not click with me, I must give it another go at some point.

Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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update, back home and gave it another couple of playthrough's , i think i spotted the place  LeJeuneJ was referring to. and i had slight sync issues i know i missed a couple of notes but that was me. i have a question on two notes in particular, they are  muted notes with sustain on it ?  one is  played on the open low E string the other the 3rd fret low E .

 It is most likely  just me but i had not come across them before and found adding sustain to a muted string almost impossible lol

i recorded a playthrough if it helps


Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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