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How it works.  Request a Tone in here. 1. Post a youtube link of the song. 2. Give a link for the CDLC without tone. (Keep the default one in the toolkit) 3. Say for which instruments you need the t

Here is my acoustic tone basic that might help some of you

Okay so i'm starting to respond to some of the request but working with only a youtube video is harder than testing it directly in RS, so if everyone can link to their CDLC, it would be much more easi

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@@jaigope1 over the discord channel is the only place left for request but i wouldn't hold my breath for any request to be made anytime soon, it has always been a black hole.

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I am working on my 1st CDLC and I made it through but man...the tones just sound off.  Which seems to be normal from working with others.  I currently released the CDLC with quite tones so people can just play along with the song if they like.  I have both tones set to -1.0 as setting them to 0.0 seems to make them too loud.


I am looking for a steel guitar sound in Standard E tuning for the main sections.  And then just an overdrive sound for the louder bits.


Link to my psarc.






Thank you for any help!


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Hi all,


What tuning / effects would Kick It in the Sticks by Brantley Gilbert be? Here is the link:




One tab says E standard, one says tuned half step down, I know Brantley Gilbert also does some in Drop D.


What guitar effects does this sound like? Distortion? Apologies as I'm relatively new to guitar and do not know a lot about guitar pedals/effects yet.


If it matters, I play an Epiphone Les Paul Special Edition with P90 pickups.


Thank you,


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