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Low note recognition help again



I made cdlc of Mastodon's Iron Tusk. The tuning is AGCF for bass and I changed tuning in EOF to 10, 10, 10, and 5 on low E and set the pitch to 220 like I read. The problem is that someone tested it out and they said the tuning is an octave too low. They've said that when they switch to a custom tone the notes register incorrect due to it lacking the octave-down shift that the emulated bass would have. Just wondering if I did something wrong or what's going on. Please help with this as much as possible. I appreciate it.


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How did they tested it? With a guitar with emulated bass activated? Or with a real bass?


The custom tone never mess with recognition these are too different part of RS and one has no impact whatsoever on the other one.


If the recognition doesn't work it could be that you didn't set it correctly in EOF and in the toolkit (if both are different RS doesn't recognize any note).


A custom tone of bass shouldn't need any octave down pedal if you play with a bass. There's an automatic custom tone for emulated bass coming directly from RS that override any tone for the bass part while your on emulated bass, i've never tried to select another tone to see if it's possible but if the tester changes tone while on emulated bass with a tone that has no octave down pedal well the result is kind of obvious but it's not related to RS recgonition problem that he might have.

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He made a comment about using an emulated bass so I'm guessing It's with that and not a real bass. I will ask him about it to be sure. As far as tuning goes, I did exactly as the instructions said. I did everything that the instructions said in EOF and I didn't mess with the tuning in the toolkit except for changing the pitch to 220. I'll let him know about the tone change. That honestly might be what the problem is.

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