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Welcome to my vault / workshop


I decided to create a thread here so I can share what I am working on and also engage with my peers for help and suggestions along the way.


I enjoy a good range of music, from Classical to Metal (while sidestepping Country & Western *shudders*). So my selections will appear to be random with no specific genre.


When it comes to playing ability I am a beginner, so some of the things I create I can't test myself, other than a few notes here and there as I try and match tones.


I'll probably never consider anything I work on to be 100% complete, even when published, and will always try to revisit to make tweaks and improvements where I can.




I'm just wondering aimlessly,...



Published CDLC's


Due to the number of customs I have uploaded it's best to go and look at them here



Playthrough Videos


You can view the videos I have uploaded either here or on my YouTube channel
.... To be decided
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I'm mid way through a tune and decided I put this one out for testing.


It's only a bass track right now but will be adding guitar before publishing.< ----  scrapped that plan for now


I've spent a few hours in GP6 fixing up a crap load of missing notes, please run through and let me know if you spot any problems or think anything needs to be changed.


the tone isn't final.. just something that's not too overpowering for the rest of the audio.


Download here Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know? testing is all over, check out the published version now.


Please remember to give me some feedback, after a few runs through, that's the whole reason for this testing phase. 



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any plans to do Danzig - Mother,  top tune m/

yep.. started working on it, but the GP file is needing some work, might have to transcode another ascii tab as they tend to be more accurate, just takes so much time...  sighs

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