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CDLC running slow?



Hey guys!

Recently got RS for Steam (need me some Sabaton!), and I got everything working.


However, I noticed that when I went to play them that there was a bit of stutter to the animations.  So to see if it was my laptop being stupid, I fired up The Trooper, and didn't notice much of anything --- it was pretty smooth.  So I tried a different CDLC and got the same type of lag.


Has anyone else encountered this problem before?



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Lots of people have speed problems on laptops, but it manifests differently for everyone. I think Rocksmith has a troubleshooting guide that includes slow machines. But you can just go into Options and modify some of the settings.  Make sure you are running in full-screen mode and not windows mode and that you have exclusive sound. You might try changing to different resolution sizes to see if one is better, and adjust the video quality. There may also be some things you can do in Windows (assuming its a windows machine) to boost performance, but that involves going into the Process list and setting the priority on the program to high. You will need to change the settings in the icon to do that, but there are plenty of instructions and videos to explain that in google, etc.

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Turn off the crowd, if you haven't already. It's a major source of that stuttering. Also, if you're playing on a laptop, you should have a cooling pad -- I bought one with repositionable fans so I could place them directly beneath the graphics card. The game will work the hell out of your laptop's graphic chip, so keeping it cool definitely helps performance.


I also turned off most of the extra visual effects. I honestly can't see much of a difference with them on or off, but when they're turned off, the game runs more smoothly and the laptop heats up less.

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