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To my chatroom people



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Well, that didn't last long.  Would've been nice to not be banned from the chat for whatever reason so I could talk about this, but I guess the help forum is more appropriate anyway.  The only reason I asked the people in the chat for advice was because I knew it was a simple process that you all were familiar with, and I couldn't find the faq I was looking for after about 5 clicks so I decided to ask you guys.  Sorry if I touched a nerve, I wasn't "trolling", I was just joking around with the downloading RAM and "how do I shut down my computer" comments because everyone was busting my chops.


Anyway, now actually have a reason for the chat.  Going to post this in the help forum, but I'm going to tag this on the end anyway.


I got the game running but it was choppy.  The game recognized all the CDLC, but it went from very smooth to sporadic heavy bogs pretty fast.  I played enough CS as a kid to know why, so I started tweaking.  Shouldn't have uninstalled an antivirus program in the middle of all of this, but I did.  The next potential problem was that my PC didn't like me plugging in the HDMI while I was loading up Rocksmith.  I know better.  The screen wigged out, flickering like crazy. Then I made the last bad mistake-- I shut off the computer instead of just closing the lid and forcing it to hibernate, then remove the HDMI.  Oh well.  windows didn't like that and forced a chkdsk.  After settling everything, I loaded up the game and everything was smooth and fine, but the game isn't recognizing my CDLC anymore. I tried overwriting the .dll, didn't work.  System restored after that, got a fresh copy of the .dll, still not working.


Not really a big deal, I was planning on putting this on my surface 3 that's still on preorder but I wanted to see if this PC would run the game.  Any ideas why the game isn't recognizing the CDLC anymore?.




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Hm.  I apologize, I was in a rush to get this done with and I have a problem with skipping over instructions.  Like I said, I knew it was a simple process so I figured I'd go for the chatroom.

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