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Locked Unable to request songs that's no longer official Ubisoft content

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to learn My God is the Sun from Queens of the Stone Age and it used to be official DLC, but it's unavailable to download on the Steam store anymore.

Can I bypass the system and request the song, ideally without having my account suspended ?


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Sooooooo you are asking another forum member how to get you prohibited material, and asking them to sacrifice their membership to this forum in your place? I am confused as to what you are really asking here. "I need someone to help me violate the rules that are clearly spelled out in front of me, telling me that the chart is not available that I had 10 years to properly acquire"?

I guarantee a Moderator or Administrator is going to be along shortly and tell you "No," and promptly lock this thread. If they do not suspend your account.



Go to youtube, do a search for "My God is the Sun from Queens of the Stone Age Rocksmith", and multiple play throughs are done. Use the video to learn the song.

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  • Moderator

No, you can't bypass the system. We have rules. You agreed to them when you signed up. 


If you want the song that bad, you will have to make it yourself.


Sharing CDLC of Official DLC is also against the rules, so you're not going to get it here. And providing it to others will get you banned.

I'll own you one day. 💜

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