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Help: Weird Syncing Issue



Okay so, trying to tab out my first CDLC.


Few things to start with (when i use the word "correct" I am going by the numerous tutorials on this forum):

The arrangement is for bass

I have the correct difficulty selected,

The correct track (PART REAL_BASS) selected

The correct arrangement type selected (Bass)

It is imported from guitar pro, and syncs up perfectly using claps in EoF

The lyrics i added in sync up just fine too.

I'm using the latest EOF, Wwave, RSCustomKit and UltraStar Creator for lyrics.


The song compiles just fine in RSCustom, and loads fine into Rocksmith 2014.


However, when i get to playing the song, the notes on the noteway are offset by one bar (they show up one measure after they are supposed to, but are otherwise accurate).

Also, the lyrics don't show up.


Another thing to note: when I'm saving in EoF i get several error dialogs popping up:


  • "One or more problems with defined fret hand positions were found. Cancels ave and review them now?" - I click NO for this
  • "Warning: At least one slide note doesn't define its ending position. Unless you define this information they will export as 1 fret slides. Cancel save?" Again, i default to "No" because i dont know how to fix that, and i dont see how it would affect the start of the song
  • "Write pitchless lyrics as playable freestyle" I dont know what this is so i usually click "No"
  • "Warning: There is no END Phrase, but the beat maker after the last note in "PART REAL_BASS" Already has a phrase. You should move that phrase because only one phrase per beat is exported" No option here other than to click OK.


It's kinda doing my head in after figuring out a lot of other stuff, and its a small thing that ruins the entire song.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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If the sync looks correct in EOF, my recommendation would be to delete the Rocksmith WAV file in the project folder, re-save the project and recreate the Wwise audio file from the new WAV file that is created. Otherwise you may want to spot check the bass arrangement's XML file to ensure the first note is at the right time stamp.

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Oh, the .ogg file? Gotcha.


And also, what you suggested worked. I rebuilt the file in Wwave, and just played it through. The lyrics are a bit wonky but thats my fault for not understanding how tabbing them out works.


I really appreciate your help raynebc. Thank you!

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