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[SOLVED] CDLC unlocker - What are the runtime dependancies?



Hello everyone,

I have been struggling for few weeks on this issue and I finally come here for some help... I have the Rocksmitch installed on my computer (tower) but it's very not that convinient and I finally would like to have it installed on my other computer (a laptop).

So far, everything's working fine: Steam and Rocksmith are running well (depsite a HDR issue on my laptop, quickly fixed!). But where I keep blowing my mind is to make CDLC unlocker on this second computer! When I click the exe file, it is telling that it is not able to find the Rocksmith dir and just closes.... I tried plenty of thing:

- Run the CDLC unlocker "As administrator",

- Put the CDLC unlocker in the Rocksmith folder,

- Download the DX dll to put it in the same folder,

- reinstalling the game

But nothing worked. I eventually tried to deactivate Windows defender + Avast before starting the unlocker, but it didnt work neither.

And as I have time to waste... I also removed my installation on my first computer, to make a fresh install. The CDLC unlocker worked immediately, without any addictional actions (not even the DLL!).

So I guess it might be linked to a runtime mismatch on my laptop... But which one? Thanks a lot for your help!

EDIT: Both OS are Win10 Pro 22h2 Build 19045.4170, thus I am pretty sure it has nothing to deal with the OS....

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So the cdlc unlocker = the dx.dll     so you only need the unlocker.   Depending on where you're getting the dx.dll  you might be getting an older version of it or a different compatability version.  

you just need the unlocker and it upon running it successfully without antivirus quarantining it or stopping it, will put the dx.dll in your rocksmith base game folder.

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OK, then... Problem solved!!!

I had to had the full control to everyone on this CDLC unlocker exe file (right click, properties, security). Just in case, I started it "As admin" and finally I got it patched!!! 🥳

Thanks for your prompt answer!

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