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Riff Repeater: No



Hello, I have a problem with learning some of the CDLC.
Unfortunately, some charter don't use the riff repeater function.
e.g. Firth of Fifth and Musical Box, 10 minutes songs with sophisticated solo parts
but without RR or with only one section!
Is it possible to bring the RR in an existing CDLC? 
Can someone please give me a tutorial how I can do this most easily?
I'm an absolute beginner with EOF. 
Thank you folks!
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Yes, it's possible to do, but why not try writing to the charter, see if they're willing to finish these customs?


In the meantime, flag these songs as duds -- there's a thread for this. Posting a custom with no sections should not be allowed.


To do it yourself, you'll need the Toolkit, which will allow you to unpack the file. From that, you'll use the guitar_fixed.ogg to start a new project in EOF, then import the .xml files. It's easy to add sections -- you click on the beat marker where you want the section to begin, then hit Shift-S , which opens the dialogue (check the 'add phrase' option too).


When you're done, save the file, then use the new xml files to regenerate the customs. You can use the other files from the original psarc -- the .dds for the artwork, the .wem for the song, the xmls for the tones -- just make sure you choose all of the new xml files.

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Thanks for the info (I'm also interested in adding missing sections into some of the customs I like).  However, can you please expand on your information a little bit please?


Where do I find the "guitar_fixed.ogg" file?  I've unpacked the cDLC that I want to edit, but couldn't find that file in it's contents.


(also, I'm using a Mac if that makes any difference)

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@@Hootzager Oops, sorry, I was thinking of something else.


What you want to do is go into the audio/windows subfolder, take the larger of the .wem files, use the Toolkit's OGG tab to convert that to an ogg file -- you'll use that file to start a new project in EOF. If you don't want to mess with Wwise (don't think that exists for Mac anyway), then use the original .wem files when you repack. But you have to rename them : Give the larger file the name of the song and the smaller one add _preview to the name.


So that would be:





You'll load the larger .wem into the toolkit, the preview file will be loaded automatically.


Apologies for the confusion!

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@@MVega, thanks for your help.

All infos about a song are in the XML file, right?

I get an error message when i try to import the xml into EOF.

Is it possible to insert the sections only in the xml file with an xml editor?


What kind of error message? @@raynebc is the person to see for those -- he's one of the EOF developers. It's possible the charter original screwed things up.


At a certain point, it's easier just to start from scratch -- see if you can find the Guitarpro files for the songs you want.

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