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Creating CDLC practice tracks?

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Hello all,

I've used Rocksmith in the past to learn guitar and over the past year, I switched to the Justin Guitar app for the lessons as I had a free subscription.

I've come back to Rocksmith as my subscription is up and I enjoy the feedback rocksmith provides but I still wanted to supplement my practice with Justin Guitar.

With losing access to the app, I thought it might be good to create my own practice tracks, just a few chord changes and simple chords that match the practice sections of the current lesson or grade I am working through on Justin Guitar.

However on looking into this, it seems rather complicated? And needing a guitar tab etc.

Does anyone else do this? Create there own practice tracks? Is it a good idea? I wouldn't be looking to play along to a song, just practicing throw the different chords I am learning and changing between them, I was hoping this would be easy to create, but looking through the tutorials it seems like quite a big job/involves a large amount of different tools etc.

I've noticed some CDLC from the artist 'you' listed and they seem to have some stuff that is good, so i will add that to my routine for now, but i'd really like to customise my practice and create routines, but it seems that is oddly rather difficult?

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I honestly always forget about the backing track thing they have. they are tons of backing tracks on youtube and some even tell you which key its being played in and what might work well over it for a lead melody. 

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