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CDLC enabler of 23 November 2023 flags as virus


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I'm trying to get the latest .dll file.  Google drive says I can't have it because it violates their terms of service.


When I try download RS2014-CDLC-Installer (Dated 23 November 2023) windows defender has a hissy fit with the usual "unsafe" complaint.

Even after I override the initial complaint then Windows defender again says NO - virus detected, and won't let me force the download.

Is there something we should know?


(Thanks for all the hard work to those who work on updating these things).



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It has been discussed in the "how to use cdlc" thread.

They are aware of the google drive issue, and awaiting google to review it. I however wouldn't hold your breath as google is stubborn.

Admin is also aware that the installer is causing hissy fits not only on Windows Defender but other anti-virus as well.

Add an exclusion in Windows Defender to download the installer. You can also disable Windows Defender to download it, then restart it after the download, but adding an exclusion is deemed a "safer" solution.

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Based on the advice above I overrode all the safety things, even the BIG RED SQUARE that popped up saying "This is malicious" and what do you know... It works again! 


Hope there are no nasties in the background, but for those who are worried all I can tell you is I am happily playing CDLC's for the holidays. 


Thanks again devs. 

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I would prefer to download the dll directly instead of an exe.
Although I do not doubt the good intentions of customsforge, this is still the Internet and from what I understand, an exe can be more dangerous to run on a computer.

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14 hours ago, DeNuevo said:

I would prefer to download the dll directly instead of an exe.

I hear you, and I agree with I think everything that you said.

Keep in mind, I am just a user like you, and my voice means pretty much nothing.

However with that in mind:

The .dll was blocked by Google. There is very little CF can do about it at the moment, other than the appeal that the Admins have appealed directly to Google. Most of the Hosting services also do not like it (the .dll). Including MediaFire.

The reason for the enabler is the common person is, well, not to bad mouth or knock anyone, but, well, pretty um, well. dumb. Me included. If I am dumb, and an average person, well, imagine those below us. The goal is that the .dll is placed in the proper place. In doing this, the enabler looks like a virus the way it was compiled. The Dev that wrote it discussed it some in the "how to use cdlc" thread, you can read it there.

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