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Multiple PART_REAL_GUITAR, etc?


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Am I missing something obvious, or am I right in saying that you can only have 1 of each part?








I have done a couple of songs where both rhythm and lead need all 24 frets, or I have done 4 separate guitar parts (1 lead, 1 rhythm, 2 combo as bonus lead/rhythm).... 


This might be due to the original design, but in a future release, how hard would it be to just have "track 1,2,etc", and then assign the instrument part to it?

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That would take a lot of effort to implement, although it's something I still plan to add some day. EOF currently allows you to have up to 4 guitar/bass arrangements per project, you can configure one of the guitar tracks to have a bass arrangement and vice-versa, as well as changing the fret limit of each track. If you need 5 or more arrangements, the best workaround is to first complete the beat syncing, add all of the items that are used for all arrangements (ie. section markers) and then copy+paste your project file and use the copied project file for the additional arrangements. Just make sure that you set a custom track name for each track you work on, otherwise the PART REAL_GUITAR XML file from one project will overwrite that arrangement's XML file from the other project when you save.

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yeah, that's basically what I did - saved the project, renamed the 2 xml's, reimported GP files, saved again


I wasn't sure if the _22 parts was a Rocksmith limit, or just a notation - but I see the place where you can update the frets to 24, if needed

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