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Locked 8/1 Update

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8/1 Update (Posted from our Discord):
I'm working on an update to add an FAQ & Tutorial system built into ignition4, but this may take some time to release.

Our Patreon for the month is processing, if you'd like to support us monthly you can do so via here: https://patreon.com/CustomsForge
Please note you can connect your Patreon to CustomsForge via: https://customsforge.com/index.php?app=patreonintegration&module=system&controller=patreonconnect
If you're unable to commit to that and can only do a one time donation, you can donate via: https://customsforge.com/index.php?/donate/make-donation/&_new=1. Any amount helps as we've recently migrated our servers last month to upgrade the OS on the servers. On top of that with the recent new features, that has created more load on the server. I've worked endlessly to optimize this to improve the load times. As of right now it seems to be working okay. Any problems/bugs, or feature requests use the links mentioned in the previous announcement.

We're working on a feature to show if you're a patreon and/or have donated on Ignition4 by displaying a badge next to your name. This feature may be reworked, but please note this does not add any extra benefits. We just want to show our user's loyalty.  Your support keeps us running and allows us to keep adding these new features. I'm very happy on the state of CustomsForge & Ignition4, and we would like to keep releasing new features/improvements. The main issue is balancing the new features vs how much resources we have, but with the current state of support we should be fine, thanks to the community. 

I'm currently sick and recovering, so I am taking a small break from coding. Hopefully should be back later this week/next week with more improvements. Our other developer @Zach4531 is currently working on improving Genre/Tag features. 

New threads have been created for Ignition4:


Thank you for your continued support and rock on! \m/


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