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RS Custom Toolkit + EOF edited a CDLC and I cannot get it to be playable

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Hello, all.  I play RS2014 remastered on Steam on my PC.  I am trying to edit a CDLC that you can find here: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/16833 and I am using Toolkit version and EOF version 1.8RC12.  I load up the aforementioned CDLC by importing via the toolkit GUI.  Then I open EOF and create a new edit of the resultant OGG file in the EOF directory that the toolkit created.  After switching to "REAL_BASS", I Import/Rocksmith the bass.xml file.  The editor shows 14 levels of difficulty, where difficulty 11 has the most notes.  I have tried flattening difficulty 14 and removing most of the lower difficulties.  When I edit the notes that I want to change, and get EOF happy with the hand positions, and save, then I use the Toolkit to remove the old bass arrangement, and add the new one (Bass_RS2.xml) and then generate the package. When I drop this file into the dlc folder of Rocksmith, it is not playable most of the time.  There is an entry, but when I click on it, it goes away.  On the occasions where I am able to play the song, all of the sections are gone, except for the very last one, and I can't change any of the difficulties.  Additionally, when I look at the original bass xml file, it is very, very different than the one EOF saved.  Could anyone maybe have a look at that CDLC and let me know what's wrong?  I had successful results with editing a CDLC called "Drilling" by Minus The Bear, but this one is beating me up.  I am obviously not super experienced with this kind of editing, but I am following the directions that worked for me the last time.

Edit: These are the instructions that I followed: https://www.reddit.com/r/rocksmith/comments/kysepb/comment/gjjpy13/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


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There's a bug with the latest eof release, it doesn't seem to import sections from rocksmith xml files. A workaround is to either use Iminashi's build of eof (pinned in the #alpha channel of the cf discord) or use dlc builder with the "create eof project" and "remove DD" import option which makes editing pre-made songs a breeze.

You should also probably remove DD from the xml before importing it into eof to make sure the tookit re-generates it properly when you build the file and to make sure it's been removed properly.

If the song is disappearing when you press enter on it might be a duplicate key/ID issue. Delete the old version of the song from the dlc folder and try again.

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Thank you.  That worked!  It took me a while to figure out how to do it, but I got it.  Unpack with DLC Builder (and remove DD), then edit with EOF.  Finally, build with DLC Builder, which will re-generate the DD levels.  Perfect!  I really appreciate that you took the time to help me out.

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