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melodies, medieval, old-timey customs?


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Okay so I dont know if anything like this exists in the custom world or not, or if someone will ever make this kinda stuff. Not sure how to describe it either,  But Tere are some melodies that are very simple to play but also sound great and for the most part stays away from cords. simple being objective of course I can play farly complicated things now but my heart keeps getting drawn to songs that have melodies I like, those simple but kinda powerful parts that would sound good on one guitar with or without any effects, not supper Arpeggio heavy either (at least not fast ones I hate those lol). To give an example I mean like that old timey part in Iron madden dance of death after the beginning alternating notes part and Fear of the dark has something like that too.. i love playing those sections I just kinda wish I could find a custom that's an extended version of that all with the same or similar vibe if any of that makes sense.  it doesn't have to have that medieval or renaissance feel to it either can be something like the easter sounding part of space ostrich that comes after the slides if anyone's played that..  Im just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of customs that may be like that or generally any mainly melodies tracks that might exist cause I certainly cant find what im looking for by searching on ignition but im very open to sudgestions.

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