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CustomsForge October 2021 Update


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It's Halloween season! 🎃

I hope everyone is doing well as I've known from personal experience the last couple years have been difficult. 

I just wanted to provide a recap and give everyone some updates:

If you're unable to support us via Patreon - disabling ad-blocker is another method of providing support to CustomsForge. 


Server Move

With your help via Patreon we've successfully migrated our server to a new location with NVMe drives. Additionally we've split our servers to improve performance. This may take a few weeks to fully optimize but so far it feels better already.


The newsletter has found multiple delays due to trying to find a replacement method of viewing/displaying it without requiring an advanced editing software and the use of PDF. I've found a solution that I am currently testing and I am hoping to have the newsletter revived before the year is over.


Our YT hasn't launched yet but it is currently on indefinite hiatus until we can find the best way to approach it. For now we highly recommend Chainbrain's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeE4uJZqmsQBURNPKs9Haw

Ignition5 Cancelled, Ignition4.5 is now planned.

As of now, ignition5 has been officially cancelled. Migrating our current setup and moving the current features to i5 is too difficult with the lack of developers we have for that project. I plan on working on future improvements and creating the roadmap for Ignition 4.5 as previously planned. I would like to take some current features and rewrite them with the current setup we have now.

We still want to release features such as:

  • Ignition4 Profiles
  1. This would allow you to see how many CDLC's are in a user's collection, how many cdlcs they've created, etc 
  • An area to manage artist and creators you've hidden
  • Notify on new EOF/RSTK releases
  • Updated CDLC page (show what songs have been updated since you've added it to your collection)
  • Email Settings
  • and more features that have been requested by you!


With the demand of our shirts we decided to move our limited shirt into a permanent item.

You can pick up any merch here: https://merch.customsforge.com/


I've launched our official knowledgebase which I plan on expanding.

You can find these current articles:


We're trying to hit the goal of 7 server boosts so we can incorporate discord's new Role Icons. If you would like to support us you can do so via https://discord.gg/cf and select "Server Boost" up top on the drop-down for the server. This is entirely optional and worst case I'll grab all 7 boosts myself, but just in case people want to help 🙂


We currently plan on attending MAGFEST 2022! I'm still unsure if I am going but I need to decide soon. However our main team will be there with changes due to COVID. More details will come out later as we need to have meetings to figure things out. 

Wrapping up...

I Just want to thank every single person here at CustomsForge.

From the staff, the developers, our creators, and members. Thank everyone for supporting us! Keep rocking.


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"Just remember: when something breaks, kick it as hard as you fucking can"

-Trent Reznor
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