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May Update (copied from our Discord)

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We are still actively working on improving CustomsForge. I've had a crazy last month with real life issues but I am committed to helping improve CustomsForge & our Rocksmith scene altogether. Behind the scenes we are constantly improving CustomsForge all around.

I had an idea not too long ago and @Ffio brought it to life already. We are testing a new program called RSDiagnostics. This program will be a simple exe that can launch and output a log, giving us a dump of information to help you resolve simple to some advanced issues. We will be beta testing this soon.

Another thing behind the scenes is our developers @mithleshjs and @Zach4531 are rewriting Ignition into React. I'm very excited about this because we are no longer using datatables. We are using a new method to draw the table and it is much faster/responsive with more features. I'm excited and hope we can provide more info in the future.

Other things we are working on in the improvement of CustomsForge Song Manger. We may have a redesign coming in the future. I'm still working out the details. I was super impressed when I received my VR headset and started using customs for beatsaber. The software they have (ModAssistant) was inspiring and we hope to update CFSM to be as user friendly as their project. We are always striving to make our tools easier for beginners and advanced users. 

Additionally, in the works we have our newsletter coming back, our first youtube video, and more. Because I was gone for a month I still need to work on these two and get the teams up to date, but I hope to have more news on our youtube channel and newsletter within a couple of weeks. 

As always you can follow this channel and our links in #info for the latest information. Thanks for using CF \m/

Additionally don't forget to link your Patreon & Discord!


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