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Vocals and accidental selecting of Everything


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I don't know if this has been reported before, but I can pretty consistently reproduce this "bug" in EOF...

While editing PART VOCALs, when I add a word or edit a word (Edit Lyric dialog box), then press OK out of it... if the next thing I do is a Shift + Click on a different word on the current screen, everything to the left gets selected. I don't think that's the intended action is it?

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The thing is, if I'm not editing a word. Like I'm just selecting one, then do Shift+Click on a word to the right, those words and the words in between those words get selected. As expected.

But like I mentioned above, if I go into and correct the spelling of a word, then press OK, a Shift+Click on a word to the right would select everything to the left all the way to the beginning of the song. It's a weird result that I don't think makes sense.

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Well, i don't see why you even use Shift+click in the first place if you want to select a single syllable to begin with.

Sure there might be an issue if there's no current selection and you press shift+click but there's also 0 reason to do so.

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I know, it'd be easier to show in a video example or something, but anyway... Typical scenario for me... a phrase like

 "Do you want to go" followed by a second phrase like "I'mm ready"

1) I select "I'mm" and edit the spelling. Then press OK.

2) After pressing OK, it's still highlighted/selected without me doing anything else (and currently the only thing selected). I need to make this second phrase move a half second over, so...

3) I Shift+Click on "ready", with the intention that since "I'm" is highlighted, then shift+clicking "ready" would only select those two words. But instead, EOF selected everything to the left as well, so the previous phrase and everything before that gets selected.

I use shift+click a lot for the lyrics to move phrases around to where I perfectly want it to be, maybe do a control+M afterwards if I changed the placement or sustain amount.

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This happens to me all the time. I try to remember to click "off" of a word first (so that nothing is selected), then click the first word of a phrase and shift + click the last word. However, I always seem to forget.

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