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The Mumford and Sons Songpack on Steam seem to be unavailable in Australia (possibly for legal reasons).  Does anyone know how to get it?   I've tried to buy it on Steam several times over the years, but Steam just won't let me.

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Could someone who owns the Mumford and Sons Song pack please message me and let me know what country you are in?  It looks like you can point to my name (mczero) or avatar above and select message from the pop up window to do it on this new site.  It looks like Steam is not allowed to sell Mumford in Australia with them being Australian for some stupid reason.

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On 11/15/2020 at 11:34 PM, firekorn said:

Have you contacted Steam of Ubisoft support already? They are the ones that should be aware of it and see if it's a bug or something else going on.

Thanks for your interest. I sure have. Got no reply from Ubisoft as yet. Steam said this:

"Hi Ian, 

Thanks for reporting this matter. 

Not all publishers have submitted pricing for titles in your region.

If this missed pricing is unintentional, once a price is submitted by the publisher, the DLC should be available for purchase. We do not have further information regarding prices in a specific region.

We will notify publisher/developers of any missed pricing, so please continue to check the store front for any updates.

Additionally, you can also contact the publisher/developer directly and inform them of this issue.

If we can help you with anything else, please let us know.

Steam Support

In other words, they don't have a clue, but were very nice about it. The buy button still hasn't appeared. I'm betting it's a licencing issue like what happened with Clapton years ago. I'd like to know if it is available in other countries like France for example.


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@mczeroThe issue have been escalated to Ubi SF community manager. It should in theory be available but it's one of those "bug"ish situation with steam.

Can't say when it'll be resolve but the right people should be aware of the issue now.

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