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How hard is it to put a guitar together for a newb?


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I currently have an offer for a low price guitar body with some pretty solid parts for a good price. I don't really need it, and I don't really like telecasters, but for it's price and being what seems to be a ginormous upgrade from my Epiphone Special II, which has some issues anyway, it feels kinda worth it. (And it looks kinda cool ngl/ I realized I don't like Les Pauls all that much.)

Thing is though, it's not set up at all. All the parts are in boxes more or less. I have no experience setting up a guitar, and I was wondering if anyone had some personal experience with putting one together?

(Specifically these parts:

Telecaster body with pearloid veneer top.

Wilkinson vintage style bridge with brass compensated saddles.

Rio grande, charlie christian pickups.

Solid brass ferrule block (installed).

JAT control knobs and matching switch tip.

Mojotone solderless wiring harness.

The body is gently used, everything in the body is brand new.)


I'm imaging it's harder than just taking a screwdriver and screwing a handful of things in, but on the other hand it might be a good experience to learn how to set up a guitar for my future. You think it would be hard for an absolute newbie to put it together? (Especially since the wiring doesn't need to be soldered?) Also what tools would I need?


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few years ago i started dabbling a bit in the guitar repair DIY fixing of my own budget guitars since im poor.... its trial/error a bit, but its hard to permemnantly mess something up....... wiring, you just look up diagram, its straight forward... practice soldering something else before guitar,  they sell DIY electronic kits that come with pcb board on ebay for like 1 or 2 dollars... its fun... dont breath in lead fumes. get extractor or run fan blowing away from you....   truss rod, play with adjustments, learn that..... some necks not savable and need new neck,  blah blah,   depends if you want pretty guitar or not blah blah ,  but yeah. working on guitars, DIY, of fixing your own guitars, or repairing (adding missing parts to broken up guitar) is fairly easy when you learn..... guitar luthier stuff is NOT easy.  (fixing broken neck, fixing twisted neck, fret work,  fixing broken body, making neck, making body, ) that guitar luthier stuff is basically lost art since everyone you know just buys new crap to put on guitar....   not giving advice but saying go ahead try its ok to learn if you have the time on your hand and its not alot of skill involved.  

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