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    Post Rock

    Hey I usually don't come here, but I'm looking for some post rock songs. I was planning to get a thinline telecaster, and possibly slap on a bigsby, and I figured I might as well use it for Post Rock since I feel like it could work for some of the softer post rock songs. Anyway any suggestions?
  2. So I understand kind of what scales are. Similar to color theory, that it's a series of notes, and chords that work together to make a song sound good. What's the deal with each key having more than one scale, like a pentatonic major/ minor/Ionian e.t.c. Also why are some notes filled in, while others aren't? Final question, is it important to key track of the notes that's relevant to the key? (I.e, a C note in a C pentatonic scale?) And why? I feel like I've read something about them being root notes, and didn't quite get it's importance.
  3. I currently have an offer for a low price guitar body with some pretty solid parts for a good price. I don't really need it, and I don't really like telecasters, but for it's price and being what seems to be a ginormous upgrade from my Epiphone Special II, which has some issues anyway, it feels kinda worth it. (And it looks kinda cool ngl/ I realized I don't like Les Pauls all that much.) Thing is though, it's not set up at all. All the parts are in boxes more or less. I have no experience setting up a guitar, and I was wondering if anyone had some personal experience with putting one together? (Specifically these parts: Telecaster body with pearloid veneer top. Wilkinson vintage style bridge with brass compensated saddles. Rio grande, charlie christian pickups. Solid brass ferrule block (installed). JAT control knobs and matching switch tip. Mojotone solderless wiring harness. The body is gently used, everything in the body is brand new.) I'm imaging it's harder than just taking a screwdriver and screwing a handful of things in, but on the other hand it might be a good experience to learn how to set up a guitar for my future. You think it would be hard for an absolute newbie to put it together? (Especially since the wiring doesn't need to be soldered?) Also what tools would I need?
  4. I would love to see some music by CRX, especially some of their older songs like: Broken Bones, Walls Give it up. Also pretty surprised no one has done anything for Nothing More. (Unsure if it's because there's too much going on there to pick out the guitar or something)? Would love to see, Do you Really want it, This is the time (Ballast), Don't Stop and If I were. This one is a LONG shot but wish there was a chart of Laidback by Rat Boy Scum. A few of the more popular songs from each band: CRX-Broken Bones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28T5N7Z-02c Nothing more: Don-t Stop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfgUtVDdn0Q Laidback : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jLlDbA3hZo
  5. Thanks for the tips! Yeah it's the wierdest thing, even after a couple weeks I still can't hit barre chords. I am using the side of my finger as well. I'm gonna try the tutorial you sent me! thank you! I can try using less pressure to see what happens. It might honestly need some setup. It was some used guitar I had sent to guitarcenter used and it came with slightly rusted strings and stuff.
  6. Hey everyone. I unfortunately don't know what these types of chords are called. But the one where you place your index fingers to hold down all 5/6 strings at once. (Like the chords in Mr.Blue Sky.) I can't seem to play all of them at once without something being muted or causing fret buzz. I'm guessing it's a problem with the way I'm playing. No matter how hard I press down I usually end up muting two strings somewhere. Any tips? (Part of me wonders if it's something wrong with my guitar, because I don't remember that being a problem on a guitar I tried at Rockcenter. But still.)
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