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Need assistance for my cats surgery.

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Hi all,

It's been a tough 24 hours for me dealing with this and it's hard to even think right now. Starting yesterday my cat Gordon started throwing up over 20 times, unable to keep food or drink inside of him or even use the bathroom. For the initial hospital cost for him to stay overnight to get hydrated, get blood work, and xrays we paid 1800 which we could already barely afford. Unfortunately the doctor contacted me saying Gordon needed emergency surgery. I now owe them $3000 of money which I don't have and was denied carecredit and scratchpay. This whole situation breaks my heart and he's like a son to me. I would do anything for him. Anytime I'm down, playing guitar, gaming he comes to me and lays on me or next to me. A true buddy. If you can help please do, if you can't but know someone who can please feel free to share this. I am heartbroken and would do anything for my cat.

This is one of my last resorts to see if we can get the surgery crowdfunded. I'm happy to edit this post to let you know that Gordon's surgery was a success. I have not talked to the billing department yet to figure out what we're going to do but I hope they will work with me so we can get all of this behind us and have a healthy 6 year old boy who still has plenty of life left in him.

I hope everyone has a pleasant day and Gordon can make it through all of this. A donation goal has been setup and any amount helps.




Thank you so much,
Mark Beeson - CustomsForge Founder


UPDATE!!: Gordon has successfully woken up from surgery. They found a large string and tons of fur. I'll be arranging with the doctors on how to pay soon. At the moment I don't have much options so hopefully we can all figure something out.


UPDATE!!!! 5/13/2020 


Thank you everyone for the support!! It means the world. This has definitely been a journey and a learning experience. I'm so happy to report that Gordon is back home, and healing. For those who have never been a parent, but at least have an animal at home. There's no feeling in the world then helping your pet back to health by feeding him and giving him drinks with plenty of pets. He's getting better day by day and we had to move his sister to my in laws for about as week as he heals. For those who want to see what is in his stomach, all I can say is graphic warning as it's pretty gross. https://i.imgur.com/Co3DKXk.jpg (not gonna display it here, but it's basically a big bag with a long string...maybe a shoelace? bunch of hairties?) either way, I'm shocked that he was able to fit all of that in him and glad we got it out. 

We've worked out an arrangement with the vet and the new total is $2683 so I've adjusted the goal for that. If we're able to reach even half of that, that would help us out so much. Thank you all for being able to help.




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I hope everything works out well for you and your little friend. I lost my cat Jester about one year ago, and he adored me and just about anyone who pet him. He sadly passed due to kidney failure, but I'm just glad I was able to call him my cat


Due to the pandemic, I'm running short on money I can spend, but if you need support, you have a whole website of people here to help you and Gordon

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