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RS2014 RealTone Cable Issue



Hi all, 


So I've been playing Rocksmith for a good few years now, but I just recently encountered an issue that I can't seem to resolve. The issue is deceptive in that it sounds simple but I think it's a lot more complicated than I'd like it to be. The realtone cable for my Rocksmith is apparently no longer being detected, which has led to both games no longer being playable. 


The cable is detected by Windows but does not produce any sound. My assumption is that there's something inside the cable itself that has been ripped apart by the years of use (I bought it back in 2016), which would require purchasing a new one (though I'd really rather not, considering they go for no less than £25). 


The reason why this confuses me is that, if Windows can pick up the USB, why does RS not just assume that the cable is there (even if it is ripped through on the inside)? Does having the current flow from the computer to the guitar make a difference there (for example, if it were working and I unplugged the jack from the guitar, would it state that the cable has not been detected there as well)? 


For sake of ease, I've attempted to reinstall drivers and tried different guitars to no avail. I'm assuming it's just the cable having entirely worn down, which means I'll just go out of my way to buy a new one, but I'd like to be 100% certain it isn't a software error first. 


One final question: if it is the cable, is there an easy way to check and be sure? 



Thanks in advance.

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Suddendly I have the same problem. Windows dettect the cable itself (appears in the device manager) but Rocksmith says that is not plugged.


I've unninstalled drivers, I've plugged in different USB ports (2.0, 3,0, in front and in back), I've reinstalled Rocksmith.. but all without success :-(



The cable works well because I've tested in other different computer with Rocksmith and is OK.


The last possibulity is format the computer and install all windows again, but I'd like to solve it without all this work.


Any help?


Thanks in advance! :-)





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