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Many Question!


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Hi ! As the title says, I have lots of questions!


sorry in advance for my bad english, i use a translator.


1 - The French topic, where is it?

There was a place specially dedicated to discussions that are not in English, and I did not find it (has it been removed ?!)


2 - CustomForge is dead?

I have more and more loading times on the website. Throughout the website. Is it normal that it is so slow to charge ?!


3 - Linkin Park does not exist?

I would like to play "Given Up", I saw that there were a lot of CDLC of Linkin Park, and Given Up also exists. Only, on "CDLC Search", I find absolutely nothing. I did a search for Sabaton, and I find, which means that the search works ... ??


If you still have it in your files, I'll take it!



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Hi, well, I am not the administrator, not a crew member, but can possibly help. Especially your 2nd question ...


Customforge uses many tracking tools (without questioning; based on possibly GPDR if you are from France), uses Facebook Connect, Ads, Google+, lijit/sovrn, s-onetag and so on. Every plattform needs bandwidth - every call here, calls the other plattforms and tracks your movement.


Well, if other plattforms are low on performance, you will recognize it on every visit here. Maybe those services are not as spread as Google, Facebook (much better server architecture). So, every call tries to reach the required server.


How to see this: Every browser has its' own console - pressing F12 and you get it. Find a tab called "network", "network analysis" or similar. After (!) opening press reload (STRG + R, F5, ...). You will see ever (!) connect CF makes to show its' page. Every line needs time (colored bars) ... there you will find the primary reason for slow connect, IF it's fault on side of CF.


Everything else:

- temporary files in system/browser

- active malware, part of botnet, tons of useless plugins in your browser, ...

- using a proxy (well-known/unknown) somewhere in the world

- servers too far away (as mentioned with architecture) and delay by DNS checkup

- things in your browser you won't like (e. g. changing links)

- lots more ...



- install CCleaner by Piriform to clean up your system and your registry

- install plugins in your primary browser protecting your privacy (e. g. Ghostery, uBlock; has nothing to do with an active antivir suite)

- use temporarily another browser you are normally NOT using for surfing (testing only; if same behaviour, possibly not the browser)


Getting "slower" in Ignition could also mean "too many records for the data-tables". :D ... well, Ignition does 41 requests, transfers 2,35 MB for first view and den DOM is ready to render after 2,89 s (at all: 5,04 s). There are a few mistakes building Ignition, but there was mentioned, I4 (new version) is in progress.


So, clean up your system first, install plugin(s) (at least Ghostery), check your globally connection (do a traceroute on console with this page and you will see a bottle neck; try another DNS server [depends on settings], ...) and try again. If you are using old IE oder even Edge: try another browser! ;)


AND: "We have upcoming scheduled maintenance to be performed on Sunday around 9 PM EST. Please note the website will be offline for several hours." ... don't get scared.


Question 3: 82 entries found ... no problem. I'll send you an PM with the link to this song.

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