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Rocksmith tool kit and songs are getting delete



sorry my english is no so good,


my problem:


i install tool kit and this is getting deteted by Avira antivirus, cause avira think im  having a bug


What can i do to keep toolkit???


second Problem:

some songs are not at the songlist. how can i get them through?? some like acdc highway to hell are working, other like knokin on heavens from gnr are not loading....??!!


i tried many things, as i know the problem is sitting in front of the pc ;-)



a help will be cool, ore a link where i can get this help....


tanx so much guys u doing a great job, u really helped me to play real rock´n roll





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You should be able to go into Avira and tell it to leave the toolkit alone. Apparently Avira is prone to false positives like this.


For the songs not showing up, make sure you have the proper DLC in your folder. You need to have Cherub Rock installed for most songs. Also make sure you've downloaded the proper files -- you need the p.psarc files for PC and not the m.psarc files (Mac).

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I am not sure about the exact details of avira, but most anti-virus software has a "manual exclusion" feature where you can specify an executable or file folder to always skip when scanning.  If you add the toolkit program to this, it should stop deleting it.  See this thread for a discussion.  It appears that avira does NOT allow permanent exclusion, but there are other free anti-virus programs that do.




I am not sure if I can help with the songs not showing up in the songlist.  The reasons could depend on many things like what system you are using (mac, pc, xbox, ps3).  Some songs are not testing on all platforms, so it may be a problem with the song.  Also, do you own Cherub Rock?  If not, you need to get the toolkit working first so you can change the Package Id to a real DLC song that you own.  If you do, you might still need the toolkit to look at the file and see if it downloaded correctly and actually uses Cherub Rock.

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