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Problem with Antivirus Programm

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 I want to download the latest Version of the RCT today. But the Download is blocked out by Norton with a Heuristikvirus Signatur of Heur.AdvML.C. Someone out there with the same Problem?

Uninstall/Temporarily disable Norton and then install it, it should only detect the setup as dodgy. If the download is blocked try a different browser without the Norton toolbar. The toolkit should be perfectly safe (as long as you're getting it from the right place). 


Or if you already have it installed just use the auto-updater (if you can get it to work, it just deletes all my toolkit files)


Norton has so many false positives and took ages for it to un-quarantine files I got fed up and uninstalled it. Windows defender and common sense are good enough for me and cheaper. Wait this is off topic lol

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