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Is it still impossible to create CDLCS in Mac?


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Hi! First, let me start by saying I've searched for this in Google, Reddit and this forum, but I couldn't find a clear answer. 


I'm on Mac and I'd like to contribute with some cdlcs to the community. But I can't seem to find a tutorial for Mac users. I found, however, a comment in this forum from 2015 stating that it was impossible then to create customs on Mac


Quote: [However, unless you have a PC to use instead of your Mac, I wouldn't invest too much time trying to create customs. Unless somebody has figured out how to fix the problems it's not really possible to create customs on Mac.]


Is it still impossible to create CDLCS in Mac?

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I would like an answer too.  I believe that the problem was always that I couldn't use Wwise on a mac.  I got tired of trying to shoestring songs together on an old PC laptop so I just gave up.  Does anyone else remember what the holdup was?  Was it Wwise?



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Yes, you can create cdlc on a mac.  Look all the way on top of this forum page and click on "Create CDLC" tab.  Follow instructions.  If you need help hit me up I just got my first cdlc up and running "Let it Bleed" by the stones.  Good luck, Mike

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In my experience, it takes me three separate computers to create CDLC on Mac... Yes you read that correctly, three. I play rocksmith on my Macbook running the latest Catalina, and have always had trouble trying to run the custom toolkit or EOF. Instead, I use an old Mac Mini running Mojave to make CDLCs and it does so just fine. However while I'm able to create CDLC's without any problems, where I hit a roadblock is with Wwise, as it's next to impossible to find the correct version to work for Mac. I then usually put the CDLC's on a flash drive and load them into Wwise (2013) on this horrible HP laptop/tablet thing I got for free. It's good enough to run Wwise, but not good enough to even load Rocksmith unfortunately. After running the CDLC's through that piece of shit, I load them into rocksmith on my Macbook. So to recap:


Mac Mini (Mojave): Create CDLC via EOF

HP 360: Wwise2013

Mac Mini (Mojave): Rocksmith Song Creator

Macbook Pro (Catalina): Play the game...


I'd like to think there's an easier way to create CDLC's on Mac, and there probably is... but it's proven difficult for me. At this point, I'm probably just gonna buy a PC just for gaming anyway.


However, I'm happy to process CDLC's in Wwise for anyone Mac users who've at least gotten far enough to create them in EOF :)

Visit my workshop to see what I'm currently working on!

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