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Question about legality of CDLC's


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Hello everyone!

I recently started downloading CDLC's to start learning some of my favorite songs which aren't available for purchase on the official site.


But I'm kind of worried that I'll be getting fined for downloading CDLC's, since I live in Germany and pirating is strictly forbidden here. I thought, since the CDLC's are direct downloads and I'm not uploading anything, that I should be ok, but googleling this problem I find myself getting more and more "paranoid" that I'm definintely will be getting a fine for downloading CDLC's.


Is there anyone living in Germany for example who has had experience with downloading CDLC's with no problems?

I'm sorry if my English is bad, it's not my native language! 

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Piracy is strictly forbidden anywhere, for any copyrighted material, streaming them too. You never stream, I presume.

As long as you don't make a profit of it, i.e. by streaming cDLC on Twitch.

But even publishing oDLC with your 100% on youtube may get your account banned.


There is quite a grey zone.

Even downloading a simple Tab maybe considered illegal.

Even creating a simple Tab from a song may be illegal.

And cDLC are basically Tabs in a different form.

Playing a song with your local band in school or public place may also be illegal.


Most important :

You should own (or buy) the songs playable on the media which you want to play the cDLC on.

If you own a vinyl version of a song, that would not give you the right to play the song on a Xbox.

Even if you bought a song for Rockband with real tabs, that would not allow you to play it in Rocksmith.

And if you bought a song for Rocksmith 2012, that would not allow you to play it in Rocksmith 2014.

Yeah, that's pretty extreme, but basically the copyright principles want you to pay again and again,

on whatever system you want to use it.


Developing this reasoning is endless and will make you paranoid.


This site is extremely clean, all cDLC which are Tabs claim to be for educational purpose only.

Buy the songs and use the cDLC for your private education.

You should be fine, even in Germany.

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